Teeth whitening kits, are they safe to use at home?

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Teeth whitening kits, are they safe to use at home?

Now a days we are all well aware of the demand to get teeth whitening. People are going crazy to this whitening effect on their teeth by various ways. There are tons of teeth whitening toothpaste mouthwash charcoal powders and teeth whitening kits of many brands. The amount of oxidizing agent which is mainly responsible for whitening effect, is not always safe to use at home.

Teeth are important part of your smile and your personality. It is the universal fact anyone can agree with this statement that beautiful and white teeth increase the beauty of your smile and personality. It does affect your personality in a negative way if your teeth are yellow or not well-shaped. This article will guide your through health of teeth, why they change the color and how does these teeth whitening kits works.

Why do teeth turn yellow?


There are multiple reason for that. First our teeth has calcified tissues beneath the protective layer and color of this tissue is yellow. When the protective layer starts to erode for any reason then yellow color tissue starts to show up and presents a yellow color teeth overall.

  • This could happen for particular infection, food that contain acid and they start to damage the upper protective layer.
  • Another reason for it the food we eat. Usually the food or drinks that has dark color, they tend to stain our teeth as well. For example chocolate, coke, red wine,coffee, sauces and fruits like blueberry, beetroot, strawberry and pomegranates. These things have particular ingredient which is call chemogens and it is involved in producing pigment. When it stick to the tooth it cause staining of teeth.


  • Another main reason for stained teeth is smoking. Tar and nicotine present in tobacco can cause yellowing staining of teeth which usually can be see in people who smoke a lot.


  • Staining can also be induced when you don’t give enough attention and care to your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly or go to the dentist for regular cleansing then you might get your staining early. Proper hygiene and care can prevent the staining of teeth.


  • People who take iron supplement can get the yellowish staining too but there are multiple ways to prevent this to happen.

 What is teeth whitening kit?

There are many brands that have launched these brand and they claim to whitening your teeth in very short period of time.this kit usually consist of teeth whitening agents usually available in non needle injections, teeth molder (that you can mold according to your teeth shape) and some.

What is teeth whitening agent?

These bleaching agents usually are peroxide that actually have bleaching power. Usually teeth whitening agents contain carbamide peroxide that actually attack on teeth staining chemicals. This component actually break down into hydrogen peroxide and urea. Its use can impact a huge difference in color of teeth in few days.

Side effects of bleaching agent:

Usually the kit designed for teeth whitening at home keep safer limit of chemical quantity in it. But some people might have underlying health condition,pregnancy and sensitive teeth can experience some problem.

But even if these kits are used wrongly so they can cause problems. For example if you apply too much chemical or keep it on your teeth for long can cause sensitivity. This can lead to inflammation in gums or any soft tissue if used with carelessness. Using poorly shaped teeth trays might hurt the gums and make them sore as well. Usually when a professional dentist perform this procedure in clinic, they actually use more than 10 to 20 percent of bleaching agent. But the some home secure the soft before applying bleaching agents.


You should consult a good dentist before using these kits at home. They will make sure if you have good oral health or not. If you have any infection of cavities going on in your mouth so they might not suggest it to you.

Moreover pregnant ladies should avoid these type of bleaching agents on your teeth as their teeth are quite vulnerable in this condition.

They might suggest you that how much intensity you are supposed to use according to the health of your teeth and staining.

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