Teeth Whitening At Home In 3 Minutes using DANDASA

by Asima Butt
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Teeth Whitening At Home In 3 Minutes by using DANDASA

Dandasa/ Sakra


Now a days we are all well aware of the demand to get teeth whitening. People are going crazy to this whitening effect on their teeth by various ways. There are tons of teeth whitening toothpaste mouth wash charcoal powders and teeth whitening kits of many brands. The amount of oxidizing agent which is mainly responsible for whitening effect, is not always safe to use at home.

These kits are a bit risky to use as they can cause sensitivity in gums and they are very costly as well. But this effect is not permanent and you have to keep using them to keep the effects which is a lot of money.

Best and safest way to get teeth whitening is at home. If you use natural and safe ingredients like Dandasa and miswak which do not cause even sensitivity other conditions for your gum. Today this article will explore such things to use them in your normal toothpaste to make its use very easy and convenient for everyday use.



It is very common in middle east and also available in markets. It is a Tree Peel product from the walnut tree used for natural teeth whitening. People have been using it for this purpose for so long and it active and effective.




  • Dandasa/sakra

  • cloves

  • Toothpaste

  • Coconut oil/olive oil

  • Almond oil

  • lemon


Crushing the dandasa

First of all you need sakra or dandasa which is easily available in market. We net to get it in a powder form. As it is very hard so blending it in grinder can cause harm to grinding machine. It will be better to soften it through crushing process. Keep crushing it for 5 minutes and then you can grind it in a grinding machine to get its fine powder.

After grinding you can take out the top thick and straw like layer away from it and then add 10 cloves with its intact flower in mixture and grind it well. Then filter the mixture through a very thing cotton cloth and get its fine powder in a different bowl. Put the remaining residue in clothing to a different bottle. You do not need to throw it away. You main ingredient for teeth whitening is ready.



Next process you need to know is that how you can use it. First you need a regular toothpaste. Take the very small amount of toothpaste, in a flat card, the amount you would like to apply on your toothbrush. Then add few pinches of fine powder of dandasa in it and mix it properly. Then keep few pinches of residue on one side of card.


First apply some coconut or olive oil on your teeth before apply this mixture as it has one drawback that it can leave orange brown stain on you gums. So apply some oil on your teeth and gums.

Then apply the paste and fine powder mixture on your teeth with toothbrush and keep brushing for 2-3 minutes then apply the residue powder with brush on your teeth and after 1 minutes rinse it off.

At the end apply almond oil on your teeth and gum and then rub the peel of lemon on them for sometime. This is how you have done whole whitening treatment at home and you will start to see the results in 2-3 weeks of period.


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