Sunblock Lotion Made at Home for  NO Sun Damage

by Asima Butt
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Sunblock Lotion Made at Home for  NO Sun Damage



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Many people are not aware of the sunscreen in our daily life. Even though people who realize its importance but still the do not use it as often as they should. Our most of the problems of skin came from UV damaging rays of sun and most of them get worse by it. As sun rays cause oxidation process on our skin cells and cause emission of free radicals which change the DNA of a cell. That results in changing cell chemistry, it become poor in performing its function.

Also apparently we can see the dull , dark /red (sunburnt) and premature age skin. That is why sunscreen which play quite a role in protecting put skin from these harmful rays. For this we really need a strong antioxidant in our sunscreen.

This article will introduce with an extremely beneficial sunscreen formula that you can make at home easily for yourselves and your kids.As we all know our kids are very careless and they don’t care about anything regarding their health ,skin or hair especially the ones who go out for school, college and university.


Why we need sunscreen/sun block?


We do everything in our power to control sun damage but still it is not enough. These chemical or pollution can impact bad effect on sun block-imageour health, complexion and eyesight etc. We go in sun all the time without caring about the consequences. Even if we talk about kids who often play outside ,all they care about is having fun and in return they get very dark complexion or sunburn. Sweat can give rashes or infection if hygienic conditions are poor.

Sometimes even we tend to get rashes from these chemicals and damaging rays of sun. We should take preventive measure and treat these problems with home remedy as well. As our skin is very sensitive and it will be best to not use any synthetic chemicals or such products that we are no aware of the ingredients. Not all skin types give the same response to a certain skin product. So it is better to try something natural and harmless.


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Here are some easy steps to follow:

Procedure for sunblock:



  • Sesame seeds

  • Sesame oil

  • Aloe vera gel

  • Rose water

  • Vitamin E capsule


Method and use:


First of all, you need 1-2 tablespoon of sesame oil and crush it well as shown in the picture. Then take one tablespoon of rose-water and add it to these crushed seeds. Then crush it well so all the milk of seeds get dissolved into rose-water. After that, add 2-3 more tablespoon of rose-water and mix them well.


Then filter this mixture through a thin cotton cloth as you only need milk of seeds as shown in the picture. After that, take one tablespoon of aloe vera gel in a bowl and add 4 capsules of vitamin E capsules. Mix them for at least a minute and then add half teaspoon of sesame oil.

After its proper mixing add 1-2 tablespoon of sesame milk and mix the mixture. Put this mixture in a suitable container as shown in the picture.



Store it in fridge for 3-6 days as it get spoiled on room temperature. You can use it everyday when you go put in sum or apply a small amount on your kids face. You can also use it on your body. Furthermore you don have to necessarily apply it when you go out in sun but you can also apply it indoors. As you skin even gets expose to sun rays when you are not even outside.


Benefits of sesame seeds or oil:

Sesame oil provides a natural sun protection. It contains SPF from 5-10. if you think the chemicals are no good for skin or scared to use synthetic sunscreen the change it to a natural alternate. But for this you also do the wear test, if you don not get any particular reaction then your are safe to use it.

It actually stop or reduce the oxidation process because of being expose to the sun. Sesame oil has this properties because of abundance of vitamin E presence in it. It work as a strong antioxidant and reduce the formation of free radicals that play havoc on skin.

Benefits of aloe vera:

Aloe Vera gel has outstanding and amazing benefits for our skin, hair and even the internal system. It is good for even those who people who have some underlying disease conditions like diabetes. It contains two hormones auxin and gibberellins that helps in wound healing and inflammation of the skin. Therefore used in some medicine to treat acne, psoriasis, and eczema. it  has strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties thus can be used for hair and skin good health.  Aloe Vera gel has strong anti-oxidant as well and prevents the skin from photo-aging.


Benefits of vitamin E:


Vitamin E capsules that are used in it will give your skin maximum hydration. It reduce the signs of dark spot and acne blemishes. Furthermore, It helps with collagen boost and improve the skin texture. Vitamin E is also a great source for an antioxidant and rich with hydrating contents. It protects the skin from damaging effects of sun rays and reduce the texture on skin by preventing premature aging. This vitamin lock the moisture into the skin and keep it hydrated for long hours.

Applying this vitamin E oil on textured and wrinkles skin will help a lot to improve it. It is blessed to heal any kind of wound or acne scars. This vitamin is rich with essential nutrients and it is quite great fat soluble with any anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore which helps it to deal with any kind of infection or inflammation on skin.


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