skin whitening natural ubtan at home

by Asima Butt
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skin whitening natural ubtan at home



Today this article will talk about how to make ubtan at home with natural ingredients. As this is quite old tradition to use for brides to be and it is applied in a traditional ceremony which give very beautiful glow to the skin. You can also make it at home and apply it for skin whitening. Furthermore, it even out the skin tone and you can add certain ingredients for glowing skin.

It is good for both oily and dry skin but you can add certain ingredients according to your skin type. For example if you have dry skin types then you can add additional hydrating ingredients and essential oil. Or you can make a clay based ubtan for oily skin.

Here are some easy steps to make this ubtan at home:




  • Sandalwood powder

  • Saffron

  • Rice powder

  • Vitamin E capsule/almond oil

  • Milk

  • Fuller’s earth

  • Glycerin

  • Rose-water

  • Gram flour

  • Lemon juice




You can make this ubtan by taking one big tablespoon of sandalwood powder in a bowl and you can purchase it from market easily. Then add a small pinch of saffron, half teaspoon of rice powder, one and half teaspoon of gram flour and mix the powders. Then add 2-3 vitamin E capsule of it you don’t have vitamin E capsules then you can replace it with almond oil. After that add drops of glycerin and half teaspoon of lemon juice.

At the end add less than half teaspoon of fuller’s earth and one teaspoon of fresh milk. At the end, add enough rose-water to make a smooth but thick paste. If your paste is very thick then you can add a little bit more rose-water.

Orange Peel Face Mask for Skin Whitening



Make the fresh mixture every time and  apply it thin layer with some cotton pad on face , neck and hands. Wait for 15 minutes or simply let it dry and then rinse it off. Use it twice or thrice a week and keep using it for a month to see the prominent results.


Benefits of this ubtan:


A great blemish remover:

Sandalwood is very effect for blemishes on your skin that might be caused by any kind of reason like acne, normal pimples, some injury or rashes. It even helps with the removal of some type of warts or moles.

Very good for dry skin:

This ubtan  has a certain type of oil in it that helps the skin from excessive dry or flaky skin. Also, it provide your skin with maximum hydration.

Works for aging skin:

Sandalwood, rice flour and gram flour are also used for exfoliation and anti-aging purpose. These will reduce the damaging effects of sun on your skin. Furthermore, sandalwood’s natural oils prove to be very effective in reducing signs of aging and prevents the skin from getting tan or dull.

Hydration and moisturization:

Other important thing you need to do is keep you skin hydrated and moisturized. As dryness can disturb or breakdown these proteins and they lose its flexibility as well. So moisture and hydrated ingredients are the next very important step.this mask has such ingredients like glycerin and egg and it will lock the moisture into the skin. And also it will attract the water base components into the skin cells. This is how your skin will remain moisturized and hydrated for a long time even in winters.

Tone the facial skin:


Ingredients like egg white,lemon, milk and rose-water present in this mask will also serve as the toner. Toner actually cleanse the skin, remove dirt from pores and reduce the size of pores. Moreover they balance the pH of the skin which is slightly toward acidic nature. These ingredients are citric in nature and they will help to maintain the pH balance as well.


White and bright skin:

Vitamin A, C, antioxidants and other bleaching agents present in this mask will help to exfoliate the dead skin cells from your face. New skin underneath is fresh, bright and fair so this will impart these characteristics as well.


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