Skin Whitening Make Up Foundation formula at home

by Asima Butt
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Skin Whitening Make Up FOUNDATION/BB cream Formula at home


Today this article will guide you that how you can make an outstanding day BB cream/foundation formula by using really common ingredients that are usually available at home. Like foundation, concealer, fairness cream and moisturizer. .

It will provide your skin with all things in just one BB cream/foundation formula. This formula contains primer, concealer, sunscreen, moisturizer and skin care .Also, this BB cream has particular effects on skin whitening and wrinkles. Sunscreen and moisturizing cream in it contain particular vitamins like A, B and C. They are performing best functions as possible to protect your skin from oxidation process.


Purpose of this formula:

As you know in summer season specially extreme conditions where temperature is above 40 degrees, it is actually impossible to do makeup. Without makeup your skin might look very dull look because of sweating or tanning in sun. Sometimes, some people are unable to use make on daily basis or one reason or another. So this foundation formula is actually to fulfil all skin requirements in just formula.

no makeup look


First , it starts from a good fairness cream which could be any cream that you use and works best for your skin. Which will help as a good skin care on daily basis in this formula and you can also choose any kind of foundation and primer too.These are totally on your choice that what kind of foundation, primer, moisturizer or fairness cream that you like and use on your skin. Main purpose of this formula is to give your skin fairness, concealing properties for blemishes and pigmentation and moisturization to your skin as well.

This formula will give your skin like no makeup ,makeup look which is very natural and less heavy for your skin. It can breathe and you don’t feel like your pores are clogged to get more sweaty because of it.

Tips for Oily/combination skin :

If you have oily skin then you can also add some loose powder , less moisturizer, mattifying primer and mattifying foundation. This will absorb excess oil and will keep it on bay throughout the day.


Tips for Dry skin:

People with dry skin  can add all the moisturizing based products like foundation, more moisturizer, no primer or hydrating primer and fairness cream. Sunscreen can also be added for all skin types and it has no issue as sunscreen is important for all.

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Procedure for foundation formula:



  • Any fairness cream

  • Any foundation

  • Any primer

  • Moisturizer

Method and use:


First of all you need to take a small teaspoon of fairness cream that you are currently using a small jar. Then add same quantity of primer and 3-4 drops of foundation in it. At the end, you can add few drops of any moisturizer that works best for your skin into this. After that,you can add ingredients according to your choice. If you want more coverage then you can add more foundation or if you want thin consistency then you can add more  moisturizer. Furthermore, if you want more smoothening effects then you can add more primer.



Now mix the mixture with a cotton stick properly and put the lid on the jar. You can use it everyday at home or before going to work. Moreover,  keep this mixture for pretty long time as it doesn’t have anything that can get spoiled.

If that formula works for you then you can make it in a bigger quantity and keep it in your purse for daily use. This formula can stored on room temperature and doesn’t need refrigeration.Also, You can also make this kind of formula In winters for more hydrating and moisturizer based ingredients.Or you can simply apply it with clean fingers and don’t need brush or beauty sponge.


BB Cream for summer (3 in 1) homemade

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