skin whitening injections, benefits and side effects

by Asima Butt
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Are skin whitening injections are effective or  harmful?

Well this is a very controversial topic these days and you might find it racist in some regions or countries. But If you justify this point is such way that there is so much trend for people getting fake tan like U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia and many more. As people have very white skin in these countries and they tend to desire tan complexion by fake tan or getting a lot of sun.this might harm your skin as well.

In the same way people in Asia like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many others have variety in complexion. People of these countries desire to have quite white complexion. This might be the dream of every girl or women so they do a lot of thing to get it right.


What gives color to your skin?


Actually our skin cells has melanin protein which is responsible for giving color to our skin. You can say more melanin you have in your skin, darker your complexion will be. Its production is control by an enzyme tyrosinase. Your melanin production may raise if you are exposed to the sun light and this is the way to get tan in sun.


What are whitening injections and its method?


They are actually glutathione or vitamin C based components which are majorly used now a days for skin whitening purpose.This procedure actually consist of administration of series of injections 1-2 weeks apart. This is quite expensive procedure as well and people are willing to pay it anyway.These injections are administered intravenously with very particular but safe dose. It does have effects in skin whitening depending on the dose and quality of product.


How it works and its benefits?


This material glutathione or vitamin C derived substance can actually decrease the production of melanin and activity of tyrosinase. Moreover it is also used to decrease the toxins in blood and make our skin white and with full of glow. These injections will also help our skin from fine lines and wrinkles because of these strong antioxidants. Moreover it boost the immune system and remove toxins from the blood.


Side effects:


all these side effect usually rise from bad quality products , increased dose and a poor practitioner. Well these procedure is not FDA approved as these injections might have some chemical that can harm you. Some of the side effects are mentioned below:

  • first of it is very important who is performing this procedure. If you choose to get this procedure done so make sure you consult some broad certified doctor.
  • Some mal practitioners tend to increase it dose to a certain level which is not safe. It might get you fast result but can harm your body in various ways.
  • People might be allergic to certain chemicals present in these injections and they can develop severe allergy or hives. Which involve redness, bumps formation,swelling and itching
  • As these substance decrease the skin melanin and our skin more vulnerable to sun and gets sensitive.
  • Moreover its long-term side effect can lead to skin cancer as well.
  • Its high dose in body triggers headaches, nausea,thyroid disease vomiting and even kidney stones.
  • If you have some underlying conditions like asthma or hepatitis etc so must avoid these injection as they might worsen your condition.

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