Best skin whitening drink for acne and wrinkles in winters

by Asima Butt
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Best skin whitening drink for acne, wrinkles and freckles in winters

Today this article has brought you an outstanding drink that has extremely beneficial ingredients. It will not only help you with your skin issues in winters but it going to help you to improve the overall health. So at first part you will learn to make a drink from different amazing fruits then in second part you can use its pulp for facial. If we combine these 2 process for our skin and you will definitely see the difference in very short period of time.


Procedure for drink:


Here are some ingredients and method for skin whitening drink:



  • Beetroot

  • Orange

  • Grapes

  • Pomegranate

  • Mixed melon seeds (charmaghaz)

  • Walnuts

  • Almonds

  • Apple




First of all you need to prepare you ingredients as you need to dip the almonds, mixed melon seeds and walnut in water for some time.

Mixed melon seeds are actually mixed and peeled seeds of pumpkin, melon, water melon and cucumber. Then you need to give them heat along with almonds and walnuts so there is no germ remaining in it. After that,you need to wash them properly in water and dip it for few hours or for whole night.

Then put this mixture with water in a grinding machine and add half cup of grapes in it. Also, add 2-3 round slices of orange and half cup of pomegranate in it. At then end add half cup of apple and half cup of beetroot. Add enough water to make the grinding easy the grind the mixture until all the ingredients get dissolved in it. Make sure it also form a homogeneous mixture.After that you can filter the mixture through some medium size strainer and get its juice in a glass. Get half cup of juice in a different bowl for facial purpose.



You can take it in morning as it is the best drink for breakfast as well. Also, You can take it three-times in a week and do the facial with its pulp as well to get its maximum results.


You will learn its facial part in another article and we will keep you updated for that as well.


Benefits of ingredients:


Abundance of antitoxin,antioxidants and vitamins:

Fruits present in this drink along with nuts are extremely important for our skin and overall health. First of it contain antioxidant and anti-toxins that will keep your body and skin from damage.

Moreover it will repair the already existing damage and release the toxins from blood.

Furthermore this drink has a lot of vitamins like B3, C and E which are important for any skin care regime. It will help your skin to lose dead skin cells and facial or exfoliation can rub off this dead skin cells gently.


Anti-inflammatory and microbial:

Moreover this drink is highly anti-inflammatory and microbial which will prevent your skin and body from infections. It will prove great for your acne and blemishes as your are supply it with all the important and relieving things.


Overcome mild anaemia:

This drink has folate as well which can help you to overcome mild anaemia as well. This will help to build up iron in the blood as well.


Aid digestive system:

Being very fibrous drink this will aid your digestive system and reduce the problems of constipation. As fiber help to soften the stools and relieve constipation. Furthermore this drink will make an effective absorption of important nutrient into the blood.


Form elastin and collagen:

Most important part it will trigger the formation of new elastin and collagen that will improve the skin complexion and texture. As vitamin C in involve in reduce production of melanin which is involved in darkening of skin.


Reduce the risks of heart diseases:

This drink has healthy nutrients, proteins and fiber that will keep you for long and reduce the hunger. So this will help to bring down  your cholesterol and blood pressure. This is how you can prevent risks for heart disease.

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