BB Cream for summer (3 in 1) homemade

by Asima Butt
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BB Cream for summer (3 in 1) homemade

Today this article will guide you that how you can make an outstanding day BB cream by using really natural ingredients that are usually available at home. Like Aloe Vera gel, sunblock, moisturizer and glycerin.

It will provide your skin with all thing in just one BB cream. It contain primer, concealer, sunscreen, moisturizer and loose powder to absorb excess oils of you skin.

This BB cream has particular effects of whitening and wrinkles. Sun screen and moisturizing cream in it contain particular vitamins like A, B and C. they are performing best functions as possible to protect your skin from oxidation process.



  • Aloe Vera gel

  • loose powder

  • Sun block

  • Moisturizing cream

  • Any suitable foundation

  • Glycerin



First of all you need to take 2 teaspoon of aloe Vera gel in bowl with one teaspoon of loose powder that is suitable for your skin complexion. Then add one teaspoon of any good moisturizing cream with one teaspoon of foundation of your complexion.

Last but not least add one teaspoon on sunscreen and few drops of glycerin.


Mix the mixture properly and add it in some small cosmetic bottle. Your BB cream is ready to use now. As shown in the picture:


You can use it every day in you daily makeup routine. It will provide your skin with all concealing, priming and sun protection properties. Furthermore, it contains very moisturizing ingredients like Aloe Vera gel, glycerin and your moisturizing cream that will work best for dry and textured skin.

You can use some loose powder on top of the skin for long-lasting purpose.




The moisturizing cream, foundation and  sunblock must have essential nutrients like vitamins to provide extra beneficial properties and provide extra protection from sun rays.

Vitamin C is strong anti oxidant and it cause reduction the effects of free radicals and help your skin from photo aging or premature aging of skin. It is best for skin affected with acne and It helps the removal of blemishes, dark spot and hyper pigmentation. In short it gives the skin natural and whitening glow.

Aloe Vera is proved to treat many medical conditions like acne, sunburn, infection, cyst, diabetes, dandruff, dryness and wound healing. It is the most amazing moisturizer and it locks the moisture in skin without making it greasy .Aloe Vera is a microbial and strong anti aging agent and reverse the adverse effect of sun on skin. People who get easily burns by sun can get full benefits of it relaxing and cooling properties. As it calms down the skin and bring down its temperature. .

When it comes to the care of skin, glycerin is the most important ingredient. It will make your skin soft, fuller and pinky. Furthermore, it is best ingredient for dry and flaky skin . It also work wonders with lemon and milk for your lips and skin as well.It is best for dry skin girls. It is used in many beauty products to impart hydrating properties to the products.

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