marigold lip balm for dry and infected lips

by Asima Butt
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This article will solve the problem of very important issue for you. Many of us struggle hard to get rid of dry and colorless lips. If your lips have rosy or pink glow then it gives very refreshing and healthy look. Your lips tend to change its color with environmental harshness or chemicals.

Some people tend to have lip darker than natural color and some people even can have no color. Both situation are not good as very dark lips doesn’t reflect very good lips condition or you do not want totally colorless lips to give a zombie look.


This article will solve your lip problems by using marigold flower powder. We will use this problem in making a very simple and effective balm. That will not only reduce hyper-pigmentation of your lips but it will give it rose like hue as well. It will also reduce any kind of fungal infection and dryness from your lips.


  • Marigold flower

  • Vaseline

  • Glycerin

  • Almond oil

  • Beeswax


First of all you need to take marigold flower that you can get either fresh from market or get it from some garden and get its powder by yourself. This lip balm is all about mixing right ingredients.

Add 2 teaspoon of vaseline and add one teaspoon of glycerin in a bowl. Then add half teaspoon of almond oil and add small chunk of beeswax in it. At the end add one teaspoon of marigold flower powder and mix the mixture.

Now put this mixture on heat through double boiler method. Double boiler method is safe to use for this balm.


Double boiler method:

It is actually an indirect heating method in which you take one broad pan filled with water and put it on stove. It could be hot plate as well. Then put your mixture bowl in water. This is how mixture get heat up without getting burnt.


Keep mixing the mixture so chunk of beeswax get completely dissolved in it. Now take a suitable container or some empty jar of makeup product and put your mixture in it.

Leave it for some hours and give balm some time to settle down to solid form. Your balm is ready to use as shown in the picture.


You can use this balm everyday for your lips. Use it twice or thrice a day and even use it before going to bed. This balm will help your lips moisturized and hydrated. Yo can get rid of any dryness or flaky skin within a day. Keep using it and make it a step for your regular lip care routine.


Benefits of ingredients:


They have strong antimicrobial and anti fungal properties.thus can be used for hair and skin good health. It is a strong anti-oxidant as well and prevents the skin from photo-aging.

The marigold flower treats swollen bug bites, reduce the hyper pigmentation, treat burns, reduce dermatitis, reduce bruises and heal infection and cuts.


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