skin polishing powder for scrubbing in winters

by Asima Butt
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skin polishing powder for scrubbing in winters


Winter season is notorious for dry skins as any good oily skin can become affected with this season. It also depends the how much temperature drop to the area where you live. If you live in area where it snows heavily then your skin become even more vulnerable. Cold temperature and dry climate withdraw all the natural and good moisture from your skin. Even very oily skin people has this good new to produce less oil on their skin but it get dry too if they don’t give enough attention to their skin.

Dryness on the skin never look healthy and pretty picture so today this article will educate you with scrubbing importance and what kind of home remedy that you can do to have ever glowing skin even in winters. This home remedy involves usage of lentils as they are one of the best exfoliation ingredients that you could use along with rice powder.


You might get dryness for multiple reason because we get such lifestyle as well that is affecting our skin. Somethings we are doing we cannot even control it. Like taking hot showers is one of them but some people go beyond normal. They take log and quite hot bath which is one of the main reason to get dry skin and scalp.


Best solution to dryness in winters:

First thing we can do is adopting good skin care routine. Which involve exfoliation(physical or chemical) and moisturizing which come first as our skin needs it the most in winters season. Get some good exfoliation product or simply you can prepare it at home with gram flour, sugar or honey etc. Make sure you don’t go harsh with scrubbing and be gentle with your skin.

So this article will introduce you with an excellent home remedy for making your on exfoliation material at home. So you can get professional results at home and there are some easy steps to make this in easy steps:


  • white beans

  • Red lentils

  • Rice flour

  • Gram flour


First of you need your ingredient in fine powder form to make skin polishing powder that you can further use in different things. You can either use it in some masks, scrubs or cleanser as choice is yours.

First you need to take 7 tablespoon of white beans in a grinding machine and also add 1-2 tablespo

on of red lentils. Grind both of them together in a grinding machine until it makes a fine powder. Then filter this

powder with a fine strainer or through a thin cotton cloth to very fine powder.After that add half teaspoon of rice flour and half teaspoon of gram flour in this powder and mix it well. Your skin polishing powder is ready and put in an airtight container. Now you can use it in any face mask the way you want or with ingredients that suits you best.


You can mix this powder in cucumber, potato or tomato juice to make mask. Or you can use juice of three of these vegetables. If you want so you can mix it with rose-water to make a face mask. To make a cleanser, you can mix it with yogurt. So there is no restriction how you or with what you use it. Main purpose is applying this on face and massage it gently in circular motion for 20 minutes. Then rinse off your face with lukewarm water and apply a good moisturizing toner afterwards.

Benefits of ingredients:

All the ingredients mixed together will benefit our skin to the maximum level. This will help our skin to loosen up the top dead skin layer and it will eventually come off with gently massage. The face polishing powder will provide our skin with maximum protein and essential oil like nutrients and many more. This powder will stimulate and gather the elastin and collagen to be produced more and smooth out the skin.

This will even increase the blood circulation to our face area which will help to reduce the acne and blemishes. Antioxidants present in this powder or combined with lemon or tomato will bring down the damaging effects of sun. In short its regular use will do rejuvenation for our skin that you might get in salon facials.

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