Skin polish for face and body for white and glowing skin

by Asima Butt
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Skin polish for face and body for white and glowing skin


In extreme summer and Winter season which are notorious for dry skins as any good oily skin can become affected with this season. It also depends the how much temperature drop or rise to the area where you live. If you live in area where it snows heavily or very dry summer then your skin become even more vulnerable. Dry climate withdraw all the natural and good moisture from your skin. Even very oily skin people has this good new to produce less oil on their skin but it get dry too if they don’t give enough attention to their skin.

Dryness on the skin never look healthy and pretty picture so today this article will educate you with scrubbing importance and what kind of home remedy that you can do to have ever glowing skin even in winters. This home remedy involves usage of lentils as they are one of the best exfoliation ingredients that you could use along with rice powder.

You might get dryness for multiple reason because we get such lifestyle as well that is affecting our skin. Somethings we are doing we cannot even control it. You can make this polishing mixture at home to get rid of any dryness or dull skin at home. Here are some easy step to try at home:





  • split chickpeas

  • White beans

  • Milk

  • Rice powder

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Honey

  • Aloe vera gel

  • Raw turmric



Method for polishing mixture:


First of all, to make this skin polish, you need to take handful of split chickpeas and white beans in separate bowl. Dip them in water and leave it in fridge for 4-6 hours in summer weather. In winters you can keep them outside as well. After that also take 2-4 tablespoon of rice flour in a bowl and add water in it so it can make a paste like texture as shown in the picture. Make sure this texture remain as it is in room temperature  in fridge for at least 2-3 hours.

Now take 2 tablespoon of split chickpeas in a bowl and 2 tablespoon of white beans with it as well. After that add 1-2 tablespoon of rice flour. At the end add enough milk so they can dip in milk and it will be easier to blend them in a blending machine. also add half inch of raw turmeric if it is not availalble then you can also take powder form of kitchen turmeric. then blend all the mixture in a blending machine.

Now that you have got its paste like mixture as shown in the picture so now it is ready to be used.


2nd preparation:


Take one capsule of vitamin E of 400mg in a bowl and add half teaspoon of aloe vera gel in it. At the end add less than half teaspoon of honey and mix it well. It will be used in face polishing technique which is mentioned above.

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It is simple to use this skin polishing and you can repeat this process 1-2 times in a week. You can store these material in fridge for two days but I will recommend to make it fresh every time. This is how ingredients are fresh and they will show better results.

Apply the polishing mixture  on your face, neck, hands, feet or any body part you are concerned with. Leave it on your skin for 20 minutes then wipe a little bit off. After that apply the mixture that we prepared in second preparation. Massage you skin with it for at least 10 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Also use a mild face wash and do not forget to apply a gentle moisturizer at the end.



Benefits of ingredients:


First of this mixture is so full of vitamin and protein factor which are very beneficial for our skin of any type. This is also kind of mini facial as it involves the exfoliation ,cleansing and moisturizing. It will help out skin to loosen up the dead skin cells which give it a dull look. Then it will cleanse thoroughly to remove dirt deep from pores. And aloe vera ,vitamin E and honey like ingredients will provide the full moisture and hydration level to the skin.

Apart from that certain ingredients like honey and aloe vera also resolve many skin conditions like dryness and acne. They forbade the formation of pimples to some extents.then protein factor present in these ingredients will help our skin to regain its smooth texture. As it heals the broken skin by stimulating the collagen and elastin by increasing the blood flow to the skin as well.


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