24K Gold Serum for Glowing Gold Skin at home

by Asima Butt
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24K Gold Serum for Glowing Gold Skin at home


24K Gold mask has become very popular these days. Many brands and companies are making these for in skin care products and any people are getting benefits from these products. It is available in different companies but main ingredient is the same. Well some brands are better than the other and this is over us to find out the better version regarding people’s views on that.

This article will introduce with 24k gold and its benefits for skin. It will also tell you how you can make its serum at home by using natural ingredients that will e beneficial for your skin to the maximum extent.




This mask has tremendous benefits for skin in every way. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Gold is very effective in stimulating the skin cells, nerves and veins. In return it help to increase the blood circulation on facial skin and that will stimulate or speed up the other processes. Furthermore, it will increase the cell turn over and excretion of waste material. It is working like retinoid in renewing of cells.
  • This mask has power to induce production of more proteins like elastin and collagen by stimulating skin basal cell. In response it cause more production of new skin cells and cause fairness, reduce wrinkles, fine line , blemishes and dark spots. Moreover, it reduce the depletion of collagen.
  • When all of these process is going on, so because of cell renewal and reduction of blemishes give the appearance of more white and younger looking skin. Dullness is reduced to maximum extent.
  • It is an antioxidant as well and prevent the skin from further damage from UV rays of sun. Gold mask can cancel out the free radicals effects that are causing the skin to become dull and dark. Thus it also cause premature aging.
  • Along being an antioxidant it is also an anti inflammatory and can help the skin with many condition like allergies and infection. In short help the skin with acne as well.




  • tea tree oil

  • Pumpkin seeds oil

  • Almond oil

  • Orange peel oil

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Olive oil

  • Small gold leaves


First of all you need one teaspoon of tea tree oil and one teaspoon of pumpkin oil in a suitable bottle or bowl. Then add one teaspoon of almond oil and one teaspoon of orange peel oil. Mix the mixture and make an addition of half teaspoon of olive oil with 2-3 capsules of vitamin E. At the end add gold leaves that you can purchase from market. It depends how many you can afford otherwise 4-5 small leaves are
enough. Put the leaves in serum and blend the mixture for 5 minutes.

Pour your serum in a suitable bottle and then leave it for 4-5 days in a room temperature before its use.


You can apply this serum daily on your face before going to bed. Store this serum at room temperature. Apply few drops of serum on your face and massage it until it gets absorb into the skin. Leave it for the whole night then wash your face in the morning.

Make it an essential part of your skin care routine. You will start to see the difference in your skin within a month.

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