Sesame oil uses and benefits in daily life

by Asima Butt
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Sesame oil uses and benefits in daily life

Sesame oil is a common vegetable oil that is obtained from the sesame seeds. Some people use it in cooking as it has many health benefits and it also has many effects on skin. Today this article will guide you how you can use this oil in daily life. Furthermore, you will learn its specific benefits in various aspect of life and how it has a health impact on you.


Here are some benefits and uses for sesame oil:


  • Healthy replacement of regular oil:


Sesame oil has an unsaturated fats as compared to normal regular oil that we use. Its use in cooking can effectively decrease the intake of unhealthy fats which can prove to be very beneficial for health. It can be best for people who are trying to reduce weight and are coping with blood pressure etc.


  • Control cholesterol and blood pressure:


Use of this oil can effectively decrease the problem of cholesterol and blood pressure which are inter-related with each other. As it has healthy unsaturated fats and also it increases antioxidants level in hypertensive patients.


  • Induce pigmentation in hair:


Use of this oil on hair or hair follicles can prevent you from premature gray hair. As it stimulate the more production of pigment in hair and it is related to the darkening effect. People who have gray hair or they have family history of premature gray hair then you should start using this oil for your hair. Which can prevent you from excess hair dying that is another chemical hazard for health hair.


  • Promote detoxification:


Sesame oil has multiple antioxidant which can have good effects either taken orally or used topically. Furthermore, if you use this topically as an essential oil then it will help to reduce toxin effects on the skin. Moreover, it can aid liver and kidney in detoxification functions.

  • Abundance of iron:


Sesame oil has abundance of iron in it and its use in daily diet can add iron in your blood. Which is a great news for patients with anemia. It can help them to treat with mil anemia. But if you have severe type then you must consult your doctor for proper treatment.


  • helps with depression and stress:


Sesame oil is directly involved in production of serotonin level in brain which is involved in promoting positive and happy mood. This can effectively help you to reduce the stress and anxiety in daily life.


  • benefits of sesame oil for skin:


Sesame seeds has many skin benefits in which it includes Sesame seed provides a natural sun protection. It contains SPF from 5-10. if you think the chemicals are no good for skin or scared to use synthetic sunscreen the change it to a natural alternate. But for this you also do the wear test, if you don’t get any particular reaction then your are safe to use it.

It actually stop or reduce the oxidation process because of being exposed to the sun. Sesame oil has this properties because of abundance of vitamin E presence in it. It work as a strong antioxidant and reduce the formation of free radicals that play havoc on skin. Furthermore it reduce blemishes and keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. It gives a skin healthy glow and reduce the dryness and even treat cracked heels.

  • Used to treat rheumatoid arthritis:

Sesame oil has many important minerals and nutrients that help you to in more production of red blood cells and improve circulation of blood. Furthermore, it is a rich source of zinc and copper and being anti-inflammatory it helps in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.



Here are some home remedies that you can be use sesame oil for skin rejuvenation:

Increase SPF of your moisturizer:


  • sesame seeds (crushed form/2 teaspoon)
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Any good moisturizer

Method :

You can add t teaspoon of crushed sesame seed powder in you moisturizer to increase its ability for sun protection. Also, add 1-2 capsules of vitamin E in it and it is optional. If you do not have seeds then you can also use its oil and add its 1 teaspoon or few drops according to the quantity of  your moisturizer.

Apply this moisturizer on your face and you can use it when you are going out in sun. It will act as an additional protective layer and antioxidant.

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