Remove Tartar and Dental Plaque at home

by Asima Butt
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Remove Tartar and Dental Plaque at home



Teeth or gum problems are very common and it is usually caused by your poor dental hygiene. People do brush their teeth but they usually skip it at night which is also as important as brush in the morning. When you eat food specially sweets or chocolates on which the teeth bacteria lives on get more in number and play havoc in your mouth.Bad breath also comes along with it.

other main problem is a black or yellow kind of substance that stick to your teeth and start its decaying process gradually.


What is a dental plaque?

This is something very common in people as it is a dental bio-film or mass of bacteria that grow and become hardened on the surface of your teeth, it is called dental plaque. It is quite sticky and sometimes it has yellow and sometimes it has no color.

What is tartar?

When this bio film get hardened on calculus of teeth that it is called tartar. It happens if you do not give much attention to the dental plaque. Bacteria keep on growing and growing and even make a hard yellow to brown hard layer on the calculus of the teeth. A professional attention is needed to remove tartar from your teeth.


These bacteria actually grow on your food you eat everyday. That is why you need to do gentle brushing to your teeth after each meal. This is how their food supplies get short and if there is no food so there will be less or no bacteria.


We need to take a great care of this situation by taking care of our oral hygiene. Otherwise this plaque can get acidic and cause the process of tooth decay and lead to tooth loss.

Today this article is going to tell you a solution to solve or reduce the problem to maximum extent at home. You can do so by a simple home remedy. But you need to keep using other oral products as well to give your mouth and teeth a clean and fresh environment.

Here are some very easy step for this home remedy:



  • Clove dried flowers

  • Mustard oil

  • Alum powder



First of you need one teaspoon of mustard oil and add half teaspoon of alum in a powder form. Then grind the clove with intact flower in a grinding machine to get it in a powder form. After that add one teaspoon of it in the mixture and mix it well. Now that your mixture is ready to use.



You can use it to remove dental plaque, tartar , bad breath, teeth pain, inflammation or swelling. Take a clean brush with soft bristles. Then dip it in this mixture and keep it in your mouth for 30 seconds and then brush your teeth with it.

You can repeat this process twice to thrice in a day after every meal or just twice is fine too. Try not be harsh on your teeth with brush as rubbing it hardly won’t remove the plaque but the mixture what is being applied on it.




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