Remove Stretch Marks in 4 Weeks- Quick & Easy

by Asima Butt
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Remove Stretch Marks in 4 Weeks- Quick & Easy 


This article will discuss the problems of stretch marks and its solutions. Stretch mark is a common saying got by pregnant female which is not entirely true. Pregnant women do get stretch marks because of increase in the belly size and skin has to show quite stretchy properties. So after delivery when the skin goes back, it leaves stretch marks on the belly.

It is not problem of only pregnant ladies even young or teenager can get these marks on belly or knees etc because of sudden growth spurt. People who use a lot of corticosteroid creams or lotions and pills can also get these marks because use of these can decrease the ability to stretch.

This article will tell you a very beneficial home remedy to get rid of these marks by using simply lemon. Lemon is amazingly beneficial for skin and it is cheap as well.

Nature has blessed lemon with a lot of great characteristics that we can’t even imagine. Many problems of skin have its solution in its peel and juice.



  • Lemons

  • Water

  • Glycerin

  • Vitamin E capsules


First of all you need to take medium sized lemons and cut the into thin slices. Now put these slices in pan with one glass of water. Boil the lemon in water until they all get soggy and all water dries down as shown in the picture.

Next step is to blend these soggy lemons in a grinding machine to get it into a paste form. Add 2 vitamin E capsules and one teaspoon of glycerin in the paste. Your cream is ready.



Apply this cream on your stretch marks every night before going to sleep. Keep using it for 3 month. As for stretch marks it is a slow process for them to fade away. Consistent use is must.

You can store this cream in a refrigerator but it is better to make a fresh mixture every time you want to use. This cream is also good for dark blemishes on your face and body. This will not only fade the stretch marks but will also improve the complexion of skin.




Lemons are very powerful source of vitamin C. Vitamin C  decreases the process of aging as an strong antioxidant and brighten up the skin complexion. Vitamin C increases the cell turn over and increase the repair the damaged skin cells. It strongly supports the connective tissues and helps in wound healing and blemish removal.

It also has very good exfoliation properties. Furthermore, it loosen up the dead skin cell and they can easily b taken off from skin by gentle scrubbing. In short it plays major role in making skin soft and younger looking. it also help skin to get rid of white stretch marks when applied topically.


When it comes to the care of skin of body or face, it is the most important ingredient. It will make your skin soft and smooth. Furthermore, it is best ingredient for dry and flaky skin or it works amazingly when applied on stretch marks with other ingredients. It also work wonders with lemon and milk for your

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