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There is a huge problem to very big pimple with gunk in it specially the day before you want to go somewhere. It is quite common to get them before any special occasion and ruin it for you. There are many trick on what you can do to calm it down or at least get flat so you can hide it with makeup later.

This will not make it invisible but at least it will take it down a bit. Do try to use this amazing remedy to get rid of big pimples, cysts or a type of pimple. You can use it anywhere on your body. It might be your face, back. Chest , thighs or shoulders.

This article will tell you about a special kind of cream that you can prepare at home to get rid of this unwanted pimple. This cream is not some magic that will make them disappear overnight but it will be very helpful to bring down the inflammation and redness. When size is reduced then it is a bit easy to cover this pimple with a good concealer as compare to the big pimples. This will include a pharmaceutical substance that you can buy from any good is called benzyl penicillin and is used in treating various infection. This cream will purely serve for treating pimples and you do not have to apply on whole face.

Benefits of ingredient:

Benzyl penicillin:

Benzyl penicillin is also called penicillin G and it is an effective antibiotic which is used to treat various type of infections in the body. It is actually a narrow spectrum antibiotic which works against susceptible bacteria.Moreover, It is usually given orally to treat infections like strep throat, tetanus, gas gangrene, diphtheria and syphilis. This drug is usually available in form of injections and administered intravenously or intramuscularly. But here this injection which is in form of powder will be used to reduce the germs activity in and around the bacteria. This is how it will help to reduce the redness and size of the pimple.

Petroleum jelly will be used as a hydrating base. You can also mix this injection with other neutral base like any good skin care oil etc. But non-natural ingredients might hinder in its activity so try to use so natural substance as a base.

Here are some easy steps to make this cream at home:



  • benzyl penicillin injections

  • Petroleum jelly




First of all, to make this cream you need to purchase three benzyl penicillin injections from a market. They are usually available in form of powder that weighs 500-600 mg usually. They are quite cheap and try to buy a good brand available in pharmacy. Open these injection and put it on a teaspoon. When you think that powder quantity is enough to make a teaspoon then put this teaspoon in suitable container. After that add one tablespoon of petroleum jelly and mix it for 5-10 minutes. So all the antibiotic powder get absorb in the petroleum jelly properly. Make sure you get an airtight container to store this cream and your cream is ready as shown in the picture.



Your cream is ready and it use is very simple. Please do not apply it on your whole face. You just need to target the big pimples filled with gunk. This is because if inflammation caused in pores by micro-organism, sebum and dirt.

Use a cotton stick and apply a thick point of cream on the big and inflamed pimples as shown in the picture leave it for overnight. Cleanse the face with some suitable cleanser next morning and try to use lukewarm water.

If you have 2-3 days prior to any important even this will definitely bring down the pimples completely.

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