Remove Pigmentation, Freckles & Dark Spots of Face 

by Asima Butt
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Remove Pigmentation, Freckles & Dark Spots of Face

Today this article has brought you a very unique type of powder that you can use for freckled skin.Freckles is one of the main problem experienced by some people usually living in hill area but it is also genetic. In most countries and culture, it is considered a sign of natural beauty. People likes freckles but the situation get bad when skin is exposed to sub for long time. As freckles are formed due to over production of melanin by some cluster of cell in different are of the face and body. If melanocytes produce more pigment then the skin color will become darker to that certain area. The appear as moles on skin but they are within the skin and cannot be felt with hands.

UV-B rays from sun cause hyper activation of melanocytes and increase the production of melanin. Because of that the pigmentation of skin is increased and these freckles and dark spot become even more visible. Some people get dark patches of the cheekbones which doesn’t look pretty. Overall it give non uniform color to the skin. In short you have to use color correction every time you use makeup. Here you will learn how you can use homemade things to do remedies and save yourself some bucks.



Cosmetic procedures to remove hyperpigmentation on skin



It is usually caused by exposure to sun, heat and changes in hormones especially in pregnancy. Furthermore it could be caused by certain medication or people who are undergoing some hormonal therapy can develop this hyperpigmentation on the face. So this article will teach you with a unique type of powder and how to make a mixture that you can apply every night.

Here are some easy steps to make this mixture for freckles:




  • sea shells

  • Milk

  • Glycerin

  • Rose-water



At very first , we need sea shells that are usually easily available from the market. We need to take handful of seashells and grind it into a fine powder form. Try to grind it in your grinding machine that is usually available at home because seashells are very hard. Grinding it in your machine can damage your machine. So it is better to get it done from market who usually have better and stronger machines.


Now take 1-2 pinches of seashells in a bowl and add enough water to dip all the powder in it. Now you can leave it for whole night so shells powder can get absorbed into it.


You can start from next morning and add few drops of glycerin it. At the end, also add half teaspoon of rose-water and few drops of lemon in it. Mix it properly and your mixture is ready to be used as shown in the picture.



You can apply it specifically on affected area and massage it until it gets absorbed into the skin. Leave it for overnight and you can also apply other skin care along with it. You can wash or cleanse your face with a proper cleanser next morning with lukewarm water. Keep using this method every night as this might take some time to reduce the pigmentation of clustered cells.


Benefits of ingredients:


Ingredients present in this mixture will provide you many benefits that will help your skin or that particular clustered cells to reduce its pigmentation. It has vitamin C that will help to lighten up the skin as it inhibit the production of melanin by controlling the activity of tyrosinase enzyme. There are also many antioxidants in this mask which will bring down the damaging effects of sun. Furthermore, it will decrease the further damage to your skin. There is also a hydrating base which is provided by rose-water and glycerin. It will attract the water-soluble content which will get absorbed into the skin and aid the fading process of wrinkles.

Remedies for Dark Patches, Freckles and Pigmentation

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