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Today this article will explore the problem about dark circles under your eyes. 40% population have them genetically. This is a real struggle to deal with them.

Girls get very expensive concealers in market to hide them under makeup. But this is not a permanent solution.We got a solution to get rid of them through making dark circle bags by using cucumber, apple and potato.



potato helps skin to fight against acne and dark spots. It works for your skin in giving it lightening effect. It in short helps with blemishes and dark circles.

Potato ,apple and cucumber have vitamin c in them.which is the most important part of any skin care routine of any skin type.

This helps with any dark spots or hyper pigmentation on skin.


Today we will use three most outstanding vegetables and fruits to make a dark circle bag that is very effective if used in long run.

We will make dark circle bag from cucumber, potato and apple.

Here are some easy steps one by one.



  • Cucumber

  • Apple

  • Potato

  • Vitamin E

  • Dry wipes

  • Glycerin


First of all we need fresh cucumber and grate it in a bowl. Then blend it in a grinding machine and get its juice by filter process through strainer.

We can press the mixture during straining to get enough juice of it.

you can repeat this process with apple and potato as well.

Now we have 3 bowls filled with juices of cucumber, apple and potato in each bowl. Do not forget the main ingredients which are their pulps. Put these pulp in three different bowls as well.

Add one table spoons of grated cucumber, apple and potato in a bowl and mix them together. Now take two dry wipes or a small cotton clothes and put 1-2 table spoon of mixture in each of it.

Now roll the thread around the top to lock them inside. After that, take one plate and add 3 table spoon cucumber juice, 3 table spoon of potato juice  and 3 table spoon of apple juice  in it. At the end add 1 capsule of vitamin E with few drops of glycerin. Your dark circle bags are ready.



It is best to use them every night before going to bed. You can use these dark circle bags only once. Then you need to make new ones. Press these bags on your eyes gently and let it be there for  15-20 minutes.

You can even do the massage of your dark circle with these bags.

You can either rinse it off or let the content on your eyes for whole night. The second method is more effective.

Keep using this process for 2-3 months to see the huge difference.



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