Quick Spray for frizzy Hair homemade

by Asima Butt
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Quick Spray for frizzy Hair homemade



Today this article is very special and important for people with very heavy and frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair is beautiful hairstyle as well but when it comes to the point where you want to give them a sober look without spending hours in blow drying and flat ironing. Then you need something that can tame your hair for a while. Today in this article you will learn how you can make a spray for your frizzy hair by using very easy and good ingredients. They will not only tame your hair but will also give them protection from heat damage. Te source of heat can be anything, it can be either sun or blow dry and flat-iron etc

We will simply and mainly use salt in your conditioner. Along with salt , we can also add a little bit of rose-water as well. Salt has many benefits for hair as we all know it.

Using salt in your shampoo or conditioner is also very good for people with oily scalp or hair. You can just add one or two teaspoon of salt in your shampoo or conditioner according to the size of the bottle. It is a test formula. You can use it for a month and at the you will be surprised by the result. As controlling oil on face and in scalp is a big struggle.

Benefits of salt:

Due to presence of essential minerals, it can make your hair soft and smooth. It is also very good for dandruff related fungus or other dry hair problems. When it is only applied to your hair roots it can absorb excess sebum and sweat. This will delay the process which lead to greasy hair. Salt also act as the exfoliater as it will remove off the dead skin cells from your hair and provide the better penetration of any oil or product.




Remember! Do not use it over excessively on your scalp or hair as its over use can make your cells dehydrated. One or twice a week is fine.



  • Hair conditioner

  • Rose-water

  • Salt


It is very simple to make this hair spray. First of all you need one teaspoon of any hair conditioner you use in your normal routine. Then add 1/4th part of the cup of rose-water in that bottle. Last but not least add 1/4th part of a teaspoon of salt in it. Mix the bottle very well and you your frizz free hair spray is ready



You can simply use it in your daily life by spraying the hair. Try not to spray it on your roots. You can use it in two method. 1st is when you  have damp hair after taking a shower or even you can use it if you have completely dry hair. Just spray this and comb your hair.

If you are using any blow dry or flat-iron then it is better to use it before applying heat to your hair. It will also reduce the hair damage by making a thin protecting layer on your hair.


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