Powder Blush And Eye Shadow Made At Home

by Asima Butt
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Powder Blush And Eye Shadow Made At Home


Today this article will introduce you with a very interesting trick to make your own blush colors at home. We all know the blush color are one the main step in our daily makeup routine. Very few people might skip this step as who want to look zombie with just makeup on. So this add life to your cheeks.

There are many types of blush colors as they are present in powder, balm and liquid form. But you will learn about powder blush and how you can play with colors to make you own favourite color that goes best for your skin.

We all try different colors but sometime you might not getting the exact color you want. Sometimes people have very sensitive skin that do not go well with synthetic chemicals present in blush powders. Some products might be having particular scent and your skin might not like it. So this article will show you easy and natural ways to make blush powder at home. As it is not just need but to me it is a very fun thing as well.

Here are some very easy steps one by one:



  • Arrowroot powder

  • Food colors

  • Rose-water

  • Shimmer powder(totally optional)


First of all you need arrowroot powder and this powder is used in many things like cosmetic and edible stuff. People even use it for skin care as well. This powder will be used as a base to make your blush powder.

So first add one teaspoon of arrowroot powder in a broad plate and then add half teaspoon of beetroot powder and mix it well. Then add enough rose-water to make a thin and nice paste. You can add more arrowroot or beetroot powder accordingly of your paste gets very thin.

After that add shimmer powder in this paste and it is totally optional. Some people want a bit sparkly effect in their blush color if like it then go ahead and use this powder. But if you like matte products in your cheek then you do not need to use shimmer powder in it. After mixing the mixture add some of it in an empty container and let it dry.

Next you can take remaining mixture and add food colors in it to make different blush color for your cheeks.Take arrowroot powder and add orange food color in it. Make a smooth and thin paste by adding rose-water in it. Put some of the quantity in a jar and let it dry down as well. You can also make loose blush color. All you need to do is let this mixture dry down and grind it in a grinding machine. After that filter that powder through a fine strainer or thin cotton cloth. This I show you will get the finest powder. Put it in some suitable jar for future convenient use.

This is how you can get different food colors from market and play with colors to make new. You can make desired color you want and use it in your makeup routine.

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