Pink “Lips Serum”Get Baby Soft and Pink Lips Naturally (Easy & 100% Works)

by Asima Butt
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Pink “Lips Serum”Get Soft and Pink Lips Naturally

This article will solve the problem of very important issue for you. Many of us struggle hard to get rid of dry and colorless lips. If your lips have rosy or pink glow then it gives very refreshing and healthy look. Your lips tend to change its color with environmental harshness or chemicals.

Some people tend to have lip darker than natural color and some people even can have no color. This article will tell you how you can overcome this problem by making pink serum from rose prattles, milk and glycerin.





Roses has been used in skin care products and naturally for quite a long time. It consist of purely sugar and water, that bind with the water content on lips and lock the moisture in it and keep it hydrated. You can get rid of dry and flaky lips in real fast.

Apart from hydration it also gives natural pink glow to your skin as well. People use it as a detox and in their skin care regime. Roses has therapeutic benefits as it is used to give skin glow, promote relaxation and relieve stress from body.

Its massage will provide cleansing properties. You can take off the dirt or dead skin cells from your lips and get a healthy looking glow.

We can say it is a gentle exfoliater. It is anti inflammatory as well and you can use it to bring down the swelling or any kind of inflammation from your lips.


When it comes to the care of lips, it is the most important ingredient. It will make your lips soft, fuller and pinky. Furthermore, it is best ingredient for dry and flaky lips or if you get a white line under your bottom lips after applying lipstick or anything. It also work wonders with lemon and milk for your lips and skin as well.


Milk is rich with B vitamins and calcium and alpha hydroxy acid that play important role in your lips care product or remedies. It is also best for keeping lip moisturized by cleansing, exfoliating and locking the moisture deep in its cells.


Here are some very easy steps one by one:



  • fresh rose prattles

  • Milk

  • Glycerin



First of all you need half cup of milk in a bowl and add handful of rose prattles. Now beat the mixture or blend it in a grinding machine. After that get the mixture in a bowl so it is half filled.

At the end add half teaspoon of glycerin and mix it well. Or put it in a bottle and shake it well. Your serum for lips is ready as shown in the picture:


You can use this serum on daily basis. Massage your lips with it 3-4 times daily. You can keep it on or you can rinse it off. It depends on you but keeping it on for a while is much better to get fast results. Store this serum on room temperature or you can also put it in refrigerator.

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