peel off mask safe for skin? Side effects of peel off masks:

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Is peel off mask safe for skin? Side effects of peel off masks:


As you might have seen in youtube or instagrame as these charcoal peel off mask were so viral back then. People are still fan of these mask as they still do it because their skin get very soft and smooth. These mask are so strong that they peel off the outermost epidermal layer of the skin.

Well, this is so satisfying to watch all the dirt and dead skin cells coming off on peeled mask. Charcoal is a good ingredient to be used for these mask.


Charcoal helps with reducing oil production, treat acne, deep cleanse the face completely. Furthermore, it helps you to get rid of toxins, add volume to your hair and help with dandruff. This charcoal powder will help you with many problems and enhancing the effectiveness of your daily skin care routine.You can use it for face whitening  mask or simple face mask.  Moreover, you can also use it for whitening of your teeth which is a very common, effective and simple method. this powder can also help you to treat dandruff in your hair.

Side effects of peel off masks:

Main thing about charcoal is that it itself a great ingredient to be used in skin care regime or for teeth. But the main problem is using it in peel off mask as peel off mask cause some damaging effects on your skin.

Wrong technique for removing blackheads:

Peel off mask purpose is just not right as they are being used to get the blackheads from your skin. But blackheads are not something that can be pulled out easily because of their nature. It might get the superficial or few weak blackheads from its surface but mainly they can’t get out through pulling method. Black head have a nature to be squeezed out the pore through physical method which is actually an effective way.

Make skin dehydrated:

When you do these peel off mask, it actually get all the oils and moisture from your pores leaving them dehydrated and dry. Your skin might feel the need for making more sebum as it is a message for skin that it is dehydrated. This is not a god news for oily skin people as their skin become more oily. You must keep a close check to your skin moisturizing situations even if you use this mask.

Make skin and pores vulnerable:

This peel off mask cause sudden removal of most outer layer of skin which is called epidermis and your skin become vulnerable to sun and dirt. You might need extra sun protection during this time as this layer help to protect your skin from excess absorption of UV rays. Your skin also become vulnerable to different infections and easy sunburns.


You can can make the best use of this charcoal by following remedy to make a charcoal mask. It will be very effective for you skin is no abrasive ways and here it is mentioned below:

Home remedy:

You can simply take one tablespoon of charcoal powder and add it in 1-2 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel. Then add 2-3 vitamin E capsules and apply on your face. This will give you maximum benefits of charcoal as well as it will keep your skin hydrated.

For blackheads, you can apply Vaseline on your nose for 10 minutes and it will make your skin and blackheads very soft. Now you can use the back of a hairpin and squeeze your blackheads gently with it. This technique will give an approach to remove blackheads effectively at home. and after that rinse of your nose with lukewarm water. Never forget to apply some good moisturizer after any type of scrubbing or squeezing method on you skin.

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