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Cleansers/soaps or face wash are one of the most important part of our skin care routine. It is impossible to go on and end your day without cleansing your face. Because everyday when we go out our skin get damaged by UV rays of sun, our pores absorb many type of germs and dust particles in it. Makeup and oil get trapped in the pores that cause blackheads, Whitehead and finally it leads to acne. Acne is not something very easy thing to deal with.

Today this article will guide you how you can make your own cleanser/face wash at home that will work magic for your skin. The key ingredient which is going to be use is papaya. You might have heard its benefits for health but it is not only healthy for our body but for our skin as well. In this article you will learn to make its soap at home with a very easy method. Make it a part of your daily skin care routine and you will surely notice the prominent difference and results on your skin.



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Here are some easy steps to make this soap at home:





  • Papaya

  • Any beauty soap

  • Almond oil

  • Vitamin E

  • Water

  • Molders




First of all, to make this soap , you need one medium size papaya and cut it into small cube shape pieces as shown in the picture in ingredients. You need almost a bowl of papaya and put this into a blending machine. Add a bowl of water in it and blend it until it makes a homogeneous mixture. After that, filter this mixture through a strainer or a thin cotton cloth as shown in the picture.


You can discard the remaining pulp or use it in face mask. Here we need it’s juice or essence. After that procedure, add 1/4th part of any soap that works best for your skin. You can also grate the soap into the mixture. Then leave it on room temperature for at least 10 minutes so soap can get soft in it. After that blend the mixture through blending machine.


At the end, you can also add half teaspoon of almond oil and 2-3 capsules of vitamin E. This will prevent the skin from over drying because of its hydration properties. Now your soap is ready as shown in the picture. You can put it in either a small bottle or freeze it in molders in cube form. You can use it in both ways as cube form is convenient to use and it will also served as a toner.




You can store this for 1 week in the refrigerator as it is natural soap with natural papaya in it. Hot weather can spoil the soap if kept on room temperature. You can wash your face, neck, hand or whole body with this soap and your results will be instant. Keep using it for at least a month to see the prominent and noticeable difference.



Benefits of papaya for skin:


papaya is very important for skin which is prone to oil and acne. It fights against acne bacteria and reduce the blemishes on the skin. Its powder is best for the skin condition like eczema, psoriasis and melasma.

Papaya also helps the skin to reduce the effects of sunburn and fake tan. It take off the dead and dull skin for the surface and give the fresh and younger looking glow to the skin.Furthermore, it works magic for the textured skin and skin that has dark spots or hyperpigmentation.

Benefits of almond oil:

almond oil

Almonds are the great source for an antioxidant, vitamin E and rich with hydrating contents. It protects the skin from damaging effects of sun rays and reduce the texture on skin by preventing premature aging. Vitamin E locks the moisture into the skin and keep it hydrated for long hours.

Applying this vitamin E oil on textured and wrinkles skin will help a lot to improve it. It is blessed to heal any kind of wound or acne scars. Almond  is rich with essential nutrients and it is quite great fat soluble with many anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore which helps it to deal with many kind of infection or inflammation on the skin.


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