Orange Peel Tea For Weight Loss And glowing skin

by Asima Butt
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Orange Peel Tea For Weight Loss And glowing skin

There are many products in the market that claim to have skin whitening effects. Most of them have harmful chemicals and steroid that make our skin white for a while but make it dull and introduce many other problems for your skin. One of the most common problems experienced by girls is facial hair growth. So it’s better to stay away from these products.

Not all of them have these side effects.. some of the products on the market are outstanding but they are very expensive and it is difficult to afford them for your daily skin routine. The best way is to get your product get ready in a home with all pure and natural ingredient it could be applied creams and mask or it can be something you eat or drink.

As for eating or drinking, such as the type of natural things are more effective and have their effect for a long period of time.Today this article will tell you about a homemade drink that has a major role in whitening, brightening, refreshing and glowing skin. Furthermore, it will not have effects on your skin but also it will help you amazingly to loose weight.

Yes! This drink will help you to loose weight as well. As we are going to use orange peel powder that will work both ways for skin and your weight. Here are some very easy steps one by one to make this drink:


  • Orange peel powder

  • Honey

  • Water

=> How to prepare orange peel powder?

First of all we need orange peels for this. We can leave it in sunlight and in open environment to let it dry to crusty form.

When you thick that peel has dried out enough then you can crush it and blend it in a grinding machine to get its fine powder.

You can make this powder by two ways. One you can get it by scratching the outer peel layer(orange one) only and grinding it in a grinding machine. Second is you can get the whole peel of orange and then dry it out it will include the both outer orange and inner white layers. You can further filter these powders to get even more fine form.



You can simply take the half or one cup of water that you can drink easily. Then add less than half teaspoon of orange peel powder and boil it on stove. You can only keep it on flame for 3-4 minutes and then take it off of flame. For additional taste and give it more anti-inflammatory property you can add half teaspoon of honey as well instead of regular sugar.

You can take once a day and 3-4 times a week. Make it fresh every time you want to drink it. Though you can keep orange peel powder in air tight container for quite long.

This tea will help you to get glowing or white skin with most important benefit of loosing weight. You will start to notice the difference with 3 weeks. Keep checking your weight during this time.






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