Orange Peel Face Mask for Skin Whitening

by Asima Butt
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Orange Peel Face Mask for Skin Whitening

  •   This article will teach you a very easy trick that you can do in winter season. It is the use of fresh orange peels to make your skin fresh and fair. As oranges are abundantly available in winter season so you can do this remedy every day to avail its best benefits.Orange is one the outstanding fruits and even its peels are equally as beneficial as its pulp. If you learn the benefits of orange peel you might never throw its peels ever again.

This remedy doesn’t involve other ingredients because it is only the orange peel you are going to need but in its            grated form. You can even use this trick on children as it is not harmful. You can mix orange peels natural               essence in baby’s lotion or moisturizer and apply on skin like a normal moisturizer.

Here is the easiest trick to use it on your skin:




2-any moisturizing cream




You can simply make this mask by take two medium size fresh and clean oranges. Grate the upper orange thin layer in a bowl. Make sure we only need upper thin layer as we don’t want the white layer of orange peel beneath it as shown in the picture. Our mask is ready but it might be difficult to apply on skin so we can give it a base.

We can add any moisturizing cream in a pea size amount and mix it well.

You can also add honey or yogurt to provide it a thick base. It will also increase its function.




Apply it on your skin with clean finger. Apply a thick layer of the mask on skin and massage it for 20 minutes and rinse it off with Lukewarm water.

Don’t forget to apply some good moisturizer afterward as it tend to make skin dry.

Make sure to use it fresh every time you want to use it. Keep using it for a month to see the outstanding results.


Benefits of orange peel:

Orange peel has more benefits like lemon because it is rich with vitamin C. This vitamin is very important and act as a strong antioxidant as well and without an antioxidant our skin care routine is incomplete. It prevents the skin from damaging rays of sun by reducing the process of oxidation. Also, it cause the neutralization of free radicals and prevent it from spreading havoc of the skin. As these free radicals can change the genetic of a cell by disturbing its DNA and cell loses its normal function and normal performance.

Vitamin C is beneficial in dry out the acne pimples. Furthermore, it helps to diminish the sign of blemishes and marks. Also, it has a great role in improving the texture of the skin by increasing the cell turnover. As it increases the cell maturation rate as well which help a lot in making new collagen and removing dead skin cells.



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