Orange oil Face & Body for fairer Glowing skin

by Asima Butt
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Orange oil Face & Body for fairer Glowing skin


This article is about making orange oil for face and the body. Orange oil is something that we use in every other face mask and home remedies. Instead of getting it from market it is better to make it at home naturally.

When we say we going to make orange oil or cream it actually doesn’t involve orange pulp. We will use orange peel and we only need the outer thin orange layer only to make its pure form in oil.we can either take orange peel powder or dried orange peels that we can prepare at home.


How orange peels oil is beneficial for us?

Orange peel has more benefits like lemon because it is rich with vitamin C. This vitamin is very important and act as a strong antioxidant as well and without an antioxidant our skin care routine is incomplete. It prevents the skin from damaging rays of sun by reducing the process of oxidation. Also, it cause the neutralization of free radicals and prevent it from spreading havoc of the skin. As these free radicals can change the genetic of a cell by disturbing its DNA and cell loses its normal function and normal performance.

Vitamin C is beneficial in dry out the acne pimples. Furthermore, it helps to diminish the sign of blemishes and marks. Also, it has a great role in improving the texture of the skin by increasing the cell turnover. As it increases the cell maturation rate as well which help a lot in making new collagen and removing dead skin cells.

Moreover when these all benefits are used as in oil form so our skin will stay super hydrated and it will absorb deep into our skin. You can use this oil especially in winters for your face, body or even for kids. It will lock the moisture into the skin and reduce the dryness on the face and body. People who has the problem of itchiness on  the body in winter season, they can also get rid of it by availing its benefits.

Here are some easy steps to make this oil at home:


  • orange peels

  • Almond oil

  • Rose-water

  • Turmeric powder


First of all we need orange peel powder that we can easily purchase from market and also we can prepare at home.

Orange peel powder:

First of all we need orange peels for this. We can leave it in sunlight and in open environment to let it dry to crusty form.

When you thick that peel has dried out enough then you can crush it and blend it in a grinding machine to get its fine powder.

You can make this powder by two ways. One you can get it by scratching the outer peel layer(orange one) only and grinding it in a grinding machine. Second is you can get the whole peel of orange and then dry it out it will include the both outer orange and inner white layers. You can further filter these powders to get even more fine

Procedure for oil:

First we need to take two and half teaspoon of orange peel powder in a bowl and add enough rose-water so it can make a smooth paste. Leave this mixture for at least 10 minutes so all the powder get soft. Then take 6-7 teaspoon of almond oil in a pan and add this mixture in it. Now cook this mixture until the powder starts to get on the top of the oil. Filter this mixture through a strainer by pressing method.

Now you have got the oil then add a pinch of turmeric powder and mix it well. Pour this oil in a small suitable airtight bottle for daily convenient use.


Use this oil daily at night on you face, body or feet to get smooth and soft skin. Applying a very less quantity and massage it well until it gets absorb into your can also apply this oil on your kids skin for once or twice a week.

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