Orange lipstick/lip balm at home (100% natural)

by Asima Butt
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Orange lipstick/lip balm at home (100% natural)


It is always fun to make lipsticks or lip balm type of thing at home and who doesn’t love to play with colors. Today this article will introduce you with a very interesting trick to make your own lipstick color or lip balm at home. We all know the lipstick or lip balms are one the main step in our daily makeup routine. Very few people might skip this step as who want to look zombie with just makeup on. So this add life to your face and you know that your makeup is not complete without it.

There are many types of lipsticks as they are present in , balm,matte,semi matte and liquid form. But you will learn about semi matte lipstick or lip balm and how you can play with colors to make you own favourite color that goes best for your skin. We can get these colors through simple food colors which are not meant to irritate your lips.

Reason for making your own lipstick at home?

We all try different colors but sometime you might not getting the exact color shade you want. So here you can play and mix colors to make your very own and favourite color. The one we make at home, we can add all the desired ingredients in it which works best for our lips. Like coconut oil, almond oil or beetroot powder which will not only give color but it is very healthy for skin as well. Furthermore you can avoid such ingredients or chemical that might irritate your sensitive skin.

Sometimes people have very sensitive skin that do not go well with synthetic chemicals present in lipsticks available in market. Some products might be having particular scent and your skin might not like it. So this article will show you easy and natural ways to make it at home. As it is not just need but to me it is a very fun thing as well.

Here are some easy steps to make it:


  • food colors

  • Almond oil

  • Rose water

  • Vaseline

  • Crayon wax colors


First of all you need 1-2 drops of water in a bowl to add food color in it so we can mix it properly. Add pinch of your food color and take one matched colored crayon wax pencil. Cut this wax pencil in it and few drops of almond oil as well. Also, add one teaspoon of Vaseline and make sure to purchase Vaseline which has hard consistency. As it will decide the texture of your lipstick.


After that put this bowl of mixture on double boiler method and let it melt properly. When all the ingredients get mixed together then take it off from heat. And pour it in a small suitable jar and let it settle on room temperature. If it’s summer then you can put it in refrigerator to get fast results. Your beautiful lipstick/lip balm is ready as shown in the picture. Now you can put it in your hand bag and use it wherever you want.


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