Natural ways to increase breast size at home

by Asima Butt
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Natural ways to increase breast size at home

Breasts are something that define femininity in a women and it automatically give more confidence to her. Girls with small breast know this struggle and even go through knife to get it done. Well when a girl is going through puberty is usually best time to enhance your breast to the maximum level. Well, now a days girls are very active regarding these things but not all of them were aware of what they needed.


There are a lot of things like supplements. Herb, creams surgeries and injections that claim to enhance the breast size but we don’t know the exact mechanism and side effects. We cannot risk our health for that and not all of them heap of money to spent for some uncertain creams and supplements. Or even maintaining the injections is not an easy job as well.

Today this article will educate you with some very natural and effective ways that you can do to make a difference to your breast size. Here are some natural remedies given below:

  • Right weight:


Well, weight is something that decide the size of breast prominently. Remember, if you are underweight there are more chances to have small breasts. Women always looks more attractive with curves and proper weight. If you are dieting or naturally have less weight according to your height and age. Then you should work on your diet and gain some healthy pounds and this will definitely make a difference on your breasts size.



  • Genes


Sometime you might see the ladies who might or might not be underweight but have a good size breasts. Well, that is gifts from your genes as genes decide your size, shape and particular details to your breast as well. So genes also play an important part regarding this issue.


  • Hormones:


Hormones are other main and prominent reason for big or small breast. Estrogen is the main hormone which is involved in shaping and increasing the size of your breast. Women with disturbed balance of hormones might experience this problem too. So keeping the hormone at right balance in another main key to right size of the breasts.


  • Diet:

Instead of taking synthetic chemicals, you can take certain diet that can help your breast to grow in proper size. Try to consume such food which naturally contain estrogen, or involve in more production of estrogen and growth factors. Foods like legumes, lentils, soy milk/yogurt, beans, tofu, vegetables, carrots, kale and yams and many more. If you make these healthy foods part of your daily diet so this can help you in getting your desires size as well. Also, take vitamins like C, E and B3 in your diet that will make a huge difference as it stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin in the body.


  • Massage your breast:


Well massaging your breast with any essential oil which is believed to stimulate the growth like olive oil, rose essential oil and soybean oil. Whatever essential oil you use, the main reason is massaging in right way. Massage your breast in a circular motion that will increase the blood circulation to the breast. This will bring all the protein, collagen, elastin and growth factor that will surely help to increase the breast size.


  • Exercise:


Exercise is one of the best and most effective way to make your breasts firm, shaped and give it a beautiful tone. There are particular exercises that are good for enhancing the breasts size.

You need exercise like that work on your shoulder and pectoral muscle that are present in your chest. Exercise like push ups, press wall, dumbbell chest presses and isometric chest compression etc.Regular exercises like these will help your breast size to increase with quite a noticeable difference.

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