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We give all the attention to our face skin and take every step to make it beautiful and smooth. But sometimes we ignore the basic care for our hand, feet and neck. If your body color is not matched with you face it doesn’t present the pretty picture.

This is sometime not only because you don care much but it can also be genetics or underlying health condition when your body’s certain parts likes knees, underarms, under thighs or groin become darker than your other body parts or face.


Today this article will help you to deal with this problem. We will use very basic, natural and effective ingredients to prepare a home remedy. This involves lemons and rice flour and we will make scrub out of it.



  • rice flour

  • Lemons



We simply need 3 teaspoon of rice flour and put it in a grinding machine. Also, add the small pieces of lemon with it peels as well in the machine. Mix the mixture properly and put it in a bowl.

Your scrub is ready to use.



You can use this scrub by applying a generous amount on your neck, hands or feet and scrub is for 15 minutes. You can use medium speed and force for scrubbing. There is no need to either very harsh or gentle.

After that rinse it off and you can use the everyday except for face. You can use it 2-3 times only in a week for the face.

It is better to make fresh material every time you want to use it.




These ingredients (rice flour and lemon) are the best for any scrub that involves exfoliation and brightening of face color. Here are some basic benefits of this scrub:


Removes the dead skin cells:


Rice flour used in this scrub is best known for its exfoliation property. It is used in many good brand skin care products. As rice flour has specific enzyme that first loosen up the dead skin cells for the surface and eat out the dead skin cells. This is how it is playing an amazing part for rejuvenation of your skin.

It shows soft aspects and new skin cells are usually white and with full of glow


Best for making skin fair and smooth:


Moreover, the lemon with its peels are used are best to protect  the skin and give it maximum bright and glowing effects. Usually when skin is exfoliated it is smooth and bright and further cleansing that involves lemon base enhance its effects.


Balance the pH of the skin:


Lemon that is used is acidic and that help to balance our skin to restore its pH specially after washing your face. As face washes are usually basic in nature.


Make the skin fair:

Vitamin C that is present in lemon will help to lighten the skin hyper pigmentation or dark spot. It will also reduce the acne blemishes as well as the under eyes pigmentation.


Prevent from sun damage:


Vitamin C which is present in lemon is a great antioxidant that will keep the skin protected from damaging rays of sun. Furthermore, it will reduce the oxidation process of skin that involves in making skin dark and dull.

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