Nail Serum For Nails Shine And Growth

by Asima Butt
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 Nail Serum For Nails Shine And Growth




Nails are also play important part presenting our personality. Because dirty or unshaped nails don’t give good impression of your personality and hygiene. Nails are specialized form of skin and the protect our fingers and toes.

Some people can damage their nail by bad habit of eating nails or biting them. You can take care of your nails by keeping them clean and dry, this is how we can avoid any infection in our nail. Clean nails prevent any kind of germ or dirt transfer while we eat.

Make sure you keep them clean and shape them straight as pointy nails can easily be broken.



  • People can get fungal or bacterial infection through different ways like in pool and walking bare foot on beaches or ground. These infection can hurt the skin, fingers and even the skin beneath the nails. Sometimes infections get so stubborn that you have to extract it from its root.
  • Moreover, sudden change in nail color reflects the health problem like deficiency of nutrition in body, some underlying skin condition, or certain type if medicine and injury.
  • There is one problem that can hit your nails is wearing the small shoe size and it can cause ingrown nails. This situation is actually painful and in some condition nail get purple to blue in color.
  • These are some condition that you should pay attention to and get a doctor appointment to get it checked immediately.



So today this article will introduce you with a serum with all natural ingredients  that can cure many problems of your nails. Here are some easy steps one by one:



  • Glycerin

  • Tea tree oil

  • Castor oil

  • Empty glass bottle



We can make this serum in three easy steps. First you need to take half teaspoon of glycerin in an empty glass bottle. Then add half teaspoon of castor oil in it. At the end add 6-7 drops of tea tree oil and mix the serum well in the bottle. Or put on the lid and shake it well. Now that you serum is ready as shown in the picture.


you can apply this on your nails daily at night with a cotton ball. Then leave it for whole night and wash your nails next morning.


Benefits of ingredients:


Ingredients used in this serum will help you get rid of any dryness around your nails. They will solve many problems in a very natural way.

Castor oil used in this serum is actually a very good anti-fungal and microbial ingredient. It will get rid of any dirt or germ that actually prevent the nails from growing. So when this impurities are gone you nail grow more fast than before. Dirt or germs in nails can get ingested while we eat something so it in important to keep them clean at its maximum. This oil is also very good in healing torn cuticle and relieving its pain as well.


Tea tree oil is best for eradicating any kid of infection. Specially the fungus infection. You can use it daily with a small cotton ball and give a gentle but firm pressure to reduce this infection.

These ingredients along with glycerin will keep your nails hydrating and reduce the effects of chemicals as well.

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