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Today i am going to tell you a secret mistakes that we have been during washing our face and this problem s quite serious as we can get fine lines because of it. Mostly we rub our eyes during this process. But we did not know that we are damaging our face skin and its sensitive parts unknowingly.

Right way to wash your face:

When you want to wash the soap from eyes simply just splash water on them through the tips of your finger or dab it lightly. Never rub it to take off the makeup or soap. Even if you are removing your makeup, you can just use a cotton pad. Dip it in your cleanser and lightly massage your eye to take off any type of eyeliner or eye shadow.

Keeping the soap on face for long:

You are even on mistake if you apply the soap or face wash on your face for too long.

Over exfoliation:

Even if you are over exfoliating your skin, it can also cause damage to your skin. One or twice a week is more than fine.

Use of towels:   

Remember not to use shower or used towel of someone. Use some cotton and clean clothing/towel or soft tissue just to absorb the excess water.

Not moisturizing your face:

The worst mistake you could do is not moisturizing your face after cleansing. In this way you already took off all the oils of your skin leaving it dehydrated and it is prone to get even more dry if you have dry skin and more oily if you have oily skin. So proper moisturizing is must.

Use of toners:

Don’t over use toners as well. Try to use alcohol free toners with some moisturizing ingredients in it. Use of toner once in a day is more than enough.

Washing your face more than twice a day:

If you are washing your face more than often then it can also make your skin show some abnormal response. At the end you either make it too dry or too oily and both situations are extreme and it is not healthy for skin as you take all of the moisture of skin and repeating this proper time after time.

Removing makeup with wipes only:

Some girls take off their makeup through make up wipes and they think that is enough. But there is still oil, dust particles and make up particles trapped in your pores. You need to wash them off to get rid of all of them for clean and fresh skin.




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