Miracle Drink to Control Hair Fall at home

by Asima Butt
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Miracle Drink to Control Hair Fall at home


This article is going to throw light on a very common problem of hair fall in your girls and boys. They start to lose hair in very young age and it could be for any reason. It good in their genes or they are affected by environment. Some people are suffering the consequences of using chemicals on their hair. That might coloring, styling or rebounding. Sometimes some people have nutrition imbalance and they start to lose hair early.

So this article will try to resolve this problem by using very natural ingredients for your hair. It is in form of a drink that you will have to take once or twice a week. Sometimes topical application of any medicine is not only an answer. Instead we need some correction from inside and nourish our hair by taking balanced diet, drinking plenty of water or taking some remedy that has all the beneficial ingredients. That can help us from hair fall.

We are going to use some very natural home ingredients that are mostly available at our kitchen and we do not need to go to market specially. It need fennel seeds, honey and saffron like ingredients..


Benefits of ingredients:

Fennel seeds that are going to be used in this drink are very famous for being very rich with nutrients like calcium, zinc, selenium, manganese, iron and potassium. They nourish our hair from its roots by stimulating our hair follicles to grow hair and provide it with essential proteins. Taking these seeds is overall very beneficial for our health.

Honey is also an outstanding ingredient in this drink as it is a very good source of antioxidant like fennel seed. It reduce the breakage of hair by making hair follicles strong enough. This ingredient is microbial as well and keep our scalp from any kind of infection.

Ginger used in this drink will help you to overcome the problems like itchy scalp,dandruff and fungal infections in scalp. This ingredient is rich with many essential nutrients and essential oil that will make our hair soft , shiny and they will be easy to get managed.



  • Fennel seeds

  • Honey

  • Saffron

  • Dries ginger

  • Water



You can make this drink easily at home. Take one cup of water in a pan and add half teaspoon of dried ginger in it. After that add a pinch of saffron and one teaspoon of fennel seeds. Keep this pan on stove and warm it up to an extent so all the essence of ingredients get dissolved in water.

Then turn off the flame and filter the mixture through a strainer in a cup. At the end, add one teaspoon of honey in it and mix it well. Your drink is ready now.



You can add sugar in it as well if you do not have weight issues or if you don’t like the taste. This drinks will start to help you within a month. Keep taking one cup after every 3 days or use it twice a week. Your head will lose less hair with passage of time. Use the fresh drink every time you want to drink it. Keep using it for at least a month or two to observe the obvious results.


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