INSTANT Skin Brightening Facial At Home

by Asima Butt
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INSTANT Skin Brightening Facial At Home


Facial is something we need to get an extra time for our daily busy routine and get it done. It is quite long and costly procedure but the glow you skin gets afterwards is worth this procedure means to take off all the impurities from you face by exfoliation and cleanse it afterward. It also removes blackheads and excess oil from your skin. Next step is usually moisturizing but if I tell you that you can do a home remedy that fulfills the facial requirements to some extent. This article is about shortcut to your facial. You can do this home remedy if you couldn’t get facial for one or another reason.

This article is going to introduce with a very amazing remedy that cannot replace the facial but can mimic its effects. You can do it every day or twice a week according to your skin condition. It will exfoliate and cleanse your skin at the same time. This mask will rub off any dead skin cells and provide very essential nutrients to your skin. This is how your skin look fresh and glowing within 20 minutes.

Here are some very easy steps to make this facial mask at home.




2-white vinegar



This is the easiest facial like massage you ever heard of. First you need to take two teaspoon of yogurt and add half teaspoon of white vinegar in it, mix it well and your mixture is ready.



You can simply apply this mixture with your finger or with a clean brush on your face, neck and hands. Massage it for 20 minutes and then rinse off your face with Luke warm water. Apply some good moisturizer afterwards.


Try to make fresh mixture every time you use it. Usually you can use this facial mask twice a week but if it suits your skin then you can even use it every day to keep the skin looking glowing all the time.


Benefits of ingredients:


Yogurt has lactic acid in it that is the main ingredient to exfoliation. It loosen up dead skin cells from your skin surface and when you massage it during your facial, you can get it off easily.

Then it deeply cleanses your pores and removes any dirt, sebum and dead cells from it. Yogurt even helps to tone your skin.

Yogurt is also involved in anti-aging process. It reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Being a microbial it has also function in fighting against acne and blemishes.  This mask will even help you to moisturize your face. As it takes off the excess oil from skin but at the same time it also provide the skin with right kind of moisture so it won’t get over dried.



White vinegar is another amazing ingredient in this mask. This is basically used as a toner. It is acidic in nature so it helps your skin to restore it pH and it helps to shrink the size of the pores.

Vinegar will help your skin to neutralize the skin damage by sun. if you use it twice or thrice a week then it will play a main role in reducing the appearance of dark spots and acne blemishes from your skin.


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