Melasma, causes, symptoms and how to treat it?

by Asima Butt
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Melasma, causes and how to treat it?

Today this article will talk about a skin problem called Melasma, how it happen and what are the reasons for it. Furthermore, we will educate you about its OTC treatments and some home remedies. It is not something that needs emergency medical attention but you can reduce its symptoms even at home.


What is Melasma and its causes:


Melasma can be characterized by hyper pigmentation on the skin which could be on face or other parts of the body. Melasma usually cause by hyper activity of melanocytes which are cell on skin responsible for producing pigment on the skin. If melanocytes produce more pigment then the skin color will become darker to that certain area.

It is usually caused by exposure to sun, heat and changes in hormones especially in pregnancy. Furthermore it could be cause by certain medication or people who are undergoing some hormonal therapy can develop this hyperpigmentation on the face.

Melasma also has type depending upon hyper-pigmentation on number of layer on the skin. Like first type is superficial which only affects the epidermis. Second one is dermal which also affect the deep layer dermis under the epidermis. Third type is the mixed which actually affects both layers and fourth is usually seed in dark complexion skin.


Symptoms and diagnosis:


It symptoms are actually quite obvious to make a diagnosis about Melasma. As it is common in female than men and it usually shows on cheeks, bridge of the nose, sometimes forehead and under the jaw line. It can also appear on the body but it is quite rare to happen. This is quite similar to butterfly hyper pigmentation on the face.

Usually your doctor can make easily diagnosis on looking at the symptoms as it usually appear as hyper-pigmentation on cheeks, nose and under-jaw line. In very rare cases your doctor might suggest you to get a skin biopsy.



It can be treated easily with some over the counter medications and in some case it goes away on is own.

1-Usually the hydroquinone with percentage of 2% in ointment is taken. Some oral medication can be also prescribe by your dermatologist which intend to decrease the pigmentation on skin.

2-Moreover these people are recommended to avoid taking intense or direct sun. They are recommended to use high level of SPF based sunscreen that can protect them from sun.

3-People who discontinue taking hormonal medication or birth control pills show obvious reduction in pigmentation.

4-Besides that, if melamsa has affected deeper layers then your doctor may prescribe stronger medication and ointments. Which contain higher percentage of hydroquinone and other bleaching agents. Like kojic acid, bleaching agents, glycolic acid peels, light peeling serums, vitamin A and tretinoin etc.

Warning: Well these medication can only be used with prescription of medication as it can cause permanent hyperpigmentation on the skin if used excessively or in a wrong manner . these treatment are involved in peeling the skin continuously so it can also cause sensitivity to the skin.


Home remedies:


You can follow some typical home remedies to reduce pigmentation on skin as well. You better try a test dose on a little patch of skin before applying to the whole skin. If any of the ingredient irritate your skin then you can rinse off your face immediately.

Turmeric powder:


Turmeric powder has been used for acne and its blemishes for ages. it can also help in a great way by reducing and fading the acne blemishes. Also, you can follow this remedy on your blemishes.


turmeric powder

Vitamin E capsule

You can prepare it by adding 2 vitamin E capsules and a small pinch of turmeric powder. Than take a cotton stick and apply it on your blemishes for whole night and rinse off your face next day.


You can also use potato use to fade your acne blemishes as it is also full of vitamins and antioxidants. Also, follow this home remedy to use potato juice in your skin care regime


potato juice

Lemon juice

  •  You can take the juice of potato by peeling and grating it first. Then you can filter its juice through a strainer by a pressing method.  furthermore,take one teaspoon of potato juice and add half teaspoon of lemon juice in it. Mix them and apply on your blemishes.


Tomato and yogurt:

These both can work amazingly together in fading skin blemishes. Take one teaspoon of yogurt and add half teaspoon of tomato juice in a bowl. Apply it in your whole face or just on targeted area for 30 minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.


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