A tip to make any nail polish peel off nail polish at home

by Asima Butt
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A tip to make any nail polish peel off nail polish at home

Peel off nail polishes has come very popular these days because it is super easy to take them off. Changing nail polishes in a day is very simple now. A very good benefits of peel off nail polish is for Muslim ladies who love nail polishes but feel lazy to wear it as they have to take off prior to ablution. So this invent has made their life easy and fun. Normal nail polishes when start to wear off , it doesn’t look pretty at all which is quite an annoying part of these regular nail polishes.

To take this off, you have to specially purchase a nail polish removing pad or liquids which take quite time. Some nail polishes are quite thick in consistency and they take forever.

Furthermore, you might worry about the previous non peel off awesome colors you have.as you might have wished them to be peel off nail polishes as well. This article has brought you an amazing trick to make any nail polish peel off nail polish. It requires ingredients along with your nail polish and you can get these thing very easily at home:


You need following ingredients:

  • School glue

  • Water

  • Desired Nail polish

  • Small bowl


First of all you need a small empty bowl and put less than half teaspoon of school glue of any brand in this bowl. You can take any school glue that you might have used to make peel off mask previously. This doesn’t have harmful chemicals so it won’t disturb your nail’s natural protective layer. Then add few drops of water to provide it a little bit liquid or nail polish like consistency. This is it, you only need this thing to do. Mix this glue with water for at least a minute. When you are done  mixing this mixture of glue then you can move on to the next step.


Then take any nail polish brush or old make eyeshadow brush and apply this on your nail. Try to apply a very thin layer and let it dry completely. Make sure it doesn’t leave any wet glue spot.

Then apply your favourite nail polish and let it dry as well. Now you will see your nail polish has applied perfectly. If you want to take it off then scratch any corner and your nail polish will come off in a dry glue layer easily. This is how your nail polish can be used as peel off nail polish.

Every time you want to do it, you can make a small amount of glue mixture and apply it on your nail then apply any desired color on it then you are good to go. At the end of the day it will be super easy to take it off. You should must give it a try if you are a nail art lover.

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