Make any moisturizer a skin whitening moisturizer

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Add these ingredient in any cream for skin whitening purpose

Well this is a very debate able topic these days and you might find it racist in some regions or countries. But If you justify this point is such way that there is so much trend for people getting fake tan like U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia and many more. As people have very white skin in these countries and they tend to desire tan complexion by fake tan or getting a lot of sun.this might harm your skin as well.

In the same way people in Asia like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many others have variety in complexion. People of these countries desire to have quite white complexion. This might be the dream of every girl or women so they do a lot of thing to get it right.


What gives color to your skin?

Actually our skin cells has melanin protein which is responsible for giving color to our skin. You can say more melanin you have in your skin, darker your complexion will be. Its production is control by an enzyme tyrosinase. Your melanin production may raise if you are exposed to the sun light and this is the way to get tan in sun.


Usually the ingredient that are whitening can reduce the formation of this pigment by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase enzyme and results in fair skin. Today this article will tell you about some ingredients that you can add in your moisturizer and make any moisturizer or cream skin whitening.

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  • beetroot powder

  • Orange peel powder

  • Lemon peel powder

  • Vitamin C capsule

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Vitamin E capsules

  • Any good moisturizer


First of you need to prepare powder of these ingredients like lemon, orange and beetroot.

How to make beetroot powder?

The procedure to make beetroot is very basic and simple. You need one medium-sized beetroot. Cut it in form of slices in a flat bowl and keep in direct intense sunlight for 2-3 days if it is winter. But if it is summer then you can get your beetroot dry in few hours. Make sure to take your plate from outside when sun is down and you can leave it there again for next day.After that you can grind it in a grinding machine. Be aware that dried beetroot Is quite hard. Use your machine if you think it is strong enough and it can handle its grinding. Otherwise you get it done from the market. They have professional and strong motor machines so it will be no big deal for them.

After grinding you can filter it from a strainer. After roughly filtering you also need to filter it through a thin cotton cloth in order to get very fine form. If you just filter it through cotton cloth then it is fine too.Now that your beetroot powder is ready so you can put it in an airtight container.


How to make orange peel powder?

First of all we need orange peels for this. We can leave it in sunlight and in open environment to let it dry to crusty form.When you thick that peel has dried out enough then you can crush it and blend it in a grinding machine to get its fine powder.

You can make this powder by two ways. One you can get it by scratching the outer peel layer(orange one) only and grinding it in a grinding machine. Second is you can get the whole peel of orange and then dry it out it will include the both outer orange and inner white layers. You can further filter these powders to get even more fine form.

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How to make lemon peel powder:

First to make the powder of lemon peels we need 15-20 fresh lemons. Squeeze their juice in different bottle and store it for future use. Then take the peels and turn their inside surface outside and keep then in sun for hours.

In winters it usually takes time for peels to get completely dry while in summers it will take few hours as sun in summers in intense. When you think that peels has dried completely and they have attained a crusty form. Then put them in a grinding machine and grind them well until it get a smooth powder form.


Procedure of mixing:

First take less than half teaspoon of orange peel powder and half teaspoon of beetroot powder in a bowl. Then add crushed 5-6 tablet of vitamin C in it and 2-3 capsules of vitamin E in it. Then mix the powder and add few drops of hyaluronic acid but if you moisturizer already have hyaluronic acid then skin this step. At the end, add enough moisturizer that you use to make a smooth mixture or creamy paste. Pour this in a suitable jar and use it whenever you want to apply the moisturizer.

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