Magical “MINT”Yogurt For Skin Whitening

by Asima Butt
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Magical “MINT”Yogurt For Skin Whitening

Mint has outstanding benefits and it helps to deal with many medical condition like darkening of skin, acne, cyst, allergies, infections. Drying skin on face, hand and feet, freckles, indigestion problem, hair scalp problem and fungal infections of feet. Daily use of mind in your diet will help you to solve many skin and health issues of your life.

mint yogurt



  • Mint leaves

  • Water

  • Vitamin E capsule

  • Milk

  • yogurt




First of all grind the mint leaves and make a thin paste with water. Extract the juice of mint properly into any bowl and boil the one cup milk and leave it for few minutes to let it cool down. After that add the extract of mint into the milk and mix it gently. Then add little bit/half teaspoon of yogurt and mix it well into the milk.
Now add vitamin e capsule in the mixture and keep mixing it well. Cover the bowl with a lid and then cover it further properly with a warm clothe.
Furthermore, leave it in hot place/kitchen, hot shelf or near to the stove.
Let it be there for 8-10 hours and open it after give time. Your magical yogurt is ready as it has set to a thick consistency. this is how it looks like in consistency as shown in the picture of the right side.



  1. .Apply this mint yogurt on face/hands/body like a cream and leave it over night or for some minutes in the day time.After applying it to your face in desired time, rinse your face hands or body with normal tap water. You can also rub this yogurt gently on your face like a scrub. Keep using this as scrub, mask or cleanser for a month to see the prominent results. Moreover, you can store it in a refrigerator like a normal yogurt.



You can use mint in your daily face pack routine but it will be even better to make a soap of it and you can get even more benefits from it daily basis. You can even use it as a drink to get maximum benefits from the skin. It is not only beneficial for your skin but also for health.

Mint is great in indigestion problem. It sooth out the stomach and reduce the inflammation or any other problem. People who tend to get nauseous or get vomiting on daily basis for one or another reason show good response to the use of mint.  It is rich in iron, folate vitamin A and fiber.

It is very effective for acne and it has quite much quantity of vitamin E that will not let your skin get dry and even help in toning your skin. Mint removes and reduces the formation of new blackheads.

You can also use it for your hair to get rid of many hair health problems. It will work magic for your hair as well. You can’t use it on your hair for daily basis so your hair won’t get over dry. Once in a week is fine.

Mint is proved to be good for ladies who breastfeed their newborns. Furthermore, it reduces the pain of breastfeeding or relieve its symptoms.



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