Lemon powder Face and Body scrub For and fair Skin

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Lemon powder Face and Body scrub For Glowing ,Whitening Skin


As skin keeps making new cells and losses dead skin cells on most outer layer which is called stratum corneum. Exfoliation which could be physical or chemical helps us to loosen up and remove these dead skin cells. It doesn’t matter what exfoliation substance you use it should be performed gently on skin. As harsh or excessive exfoliation can disturb or irritate your skin. You can do simple scrubbing one or twice a week and if you like to do physical scrubbing then do it only once in a month.

Everyone want healthy and glow look in winters/summers on their skin. People with oily skin type quite enjoy winter because this natural glow gives a very pretty and younger look. No matter what the season is , exfoliation is important in all season and for all skin types.Makeup look even better when you have freshly exfoliated and soft skin. Never forget to do the moisturizing afterwards though

Despite the fact you have oily skin you might feel dryness on your body. This dryness case is worst with people who already have the dry skin.Today this article will guide you how to make an outstanding scrub at home that can perform maximum exfoliation without irritating the skin.Also it will provide your skin with vitamins, minerals and hydration.




  • lemon powder( dried lemons)

  • Honey

  • Rice flour

  • Glycerin

  • Turmeric powder


Benefits if ingredients for skin:


Dried lemon powder:

Lemon has citric acid in it and rich with Vitamin C. when it comes to skin care, it is impossible to ignore this vitamin. It should be part of your skin regime. Lemons are strong anti oxidants and it causes reduction the effects of free radicals and help your skin from photo aging or premature aging of skin. As sun rays cause oxidation process in skin cells by formation of free radicals. These free radicals disturb the natural chemistry of cell and cells fails to perform its natural and normal functions. Lemon as an oxidant reduce this process which indirectly prevent the skin from premature aging or slow down the aging process.

Also, It is best for skin affected with acne. It help the removal of blemishes, dark spot and hyperpigmentation. In short it gives the skin natural and whitening glow.Furthermore, It increase the cell turn over and even reduce the acne scar. It strongly help the skin to improve its texture.



Honey is extremely beneficial for skin and health.

  • Like walnut it is also very good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. That prevents our skin and body cells from sun damage and reduce any kind of swelling and infection in our body.
  • It is proved to be very hydrating and control acne for skin. So it is used in various mask and different product to prevent the acne or treat it.
  • Honey has great function for hair and lips as well. It also make it super hydrated and we can get rid of dandruff and flaky skin by using it.
  • It gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and make our skin smooth and fresh. Cleanse our face from dirt and sebum and honey has also amazing healing power for wound and fades blemishes and acne scars.


Turmeric powder:

Turmeric powder is ant inflammatory and microbial which helps our skin from any irritation effect of bleach powder. Moreover its microbial properties prevent the skin from germs and infections.

Because of this very reason it is used to treat acne and its blemishes. This spice is very often use in DIY or home remedies like for making face mask etc.

This powder also give a very beautiful glow to your skin with golden hue which is temporary. It prevents the bleaching powder to irritate any sensitive skin patch or wound or cut on face. This powder will even help to heal the wounds as it has powerful microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric herb has many antioxidant which make it very beneficial for our overall health. These antioxidant reduce the oxidation process which forms the free radicals. Moreover, these free radicals cause genetic error and this is how a normal cell fails to perform its normal function.



Rice flour:

Rice powder is one of the most important ingredients being used in skin care products nowadays because of its multiple beneficial properties for skin.It has some natural nutrients that convert into sunscreen and protect your skin from damaging rays of the sun. It is an anti-inflammatory and treats many skin conditions.

It is an amazing scrub as it loosen up the dead skin cells from skin and its especial enzymes it them up. This is how it leaves the skin smooth and with a very beautiful fresh glow


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Method for scrub:


First of all, you need to take whole dried lemon that you can do at home by simply giving them intense heat of sun for 2-3 days. You can also purchase them from market by their name as dried lemons. Then blend them, crush them or take any method to get it fine powder. Now add one tablespoon of lemon powder in a bowl and also add one tablespoon of rice flour it. After that add a pinch of turmeric powder and add half teaspoon of glycerin. Glycerin is important so it will make this very dry mixture a bit hydrating so it won’t irritate the skin.

At last add enough honey to make a thick paste like scrub texture as shown in the picture.you can change the thickness according to your need to decrease its irritation for skin.mix the mixture well and your mixture is ready as shown in the picture:




You can use this once or twice a week at any time and try to make this scrub fresh every time. If you have to then you can store it 1-2 days in fridge.Apply this scrub on your face, neck, hands or on whole body as it can be used everywhere. Frst make your skin damp rather than applying it on dry skin and apply this scrub. Massage it in a gentle manner in circular motion and do not use harsh scrubbing on skin.Do it on you skin for 3- 8 minutes and use more water if needed then wash your face with lukewarm water. Apply an ice cube after washing your face for 5 minutes. At the end apply a good moisturizer on you skin  to avoid dryness.


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