Hyaluronic acid, one of the best moisturizing things and its benefits

by Asima Butt

Hyaluronic acid, one of the best moisturizing things and its benefits



Hyaluronic acid is something you might have heard now a day as it has gain pretty much attention In recent years. You might see in every good moisturizer, serum or night creams. Many brands have make their own hyaluronic acid products and which one you could give a try to? This article will tell you what hyaluronic acid is? Why it is so popular and its benefits as well? Does it worth to be used in you daily skin care routine.


What is hyaluronic acid how does it work?


Hyaluronic acid is something that is even present in our body which is served as lubrication substance between joints,eyes, body fluids, connective tissue and mostly it is present in the skin. It is the main component which is involved in maintaining the moisture of the skin.

This has ability to boost skin moisture level as it is responsible for grabbing and holding the moisture within it. It also helps to absorb the moisture into the skin make your skin plump and youthful.


With passage of time, our skin starts to lose its natural moisture and important proteins that are responsible for youthful and firm looking skin. We also start to lose this natural component as well. Have you ever noticed the skin of babies? YES! You must have as it is very soft and smooth which is because it has a high amount of hyaluronic acid in it which makes it super soft. This is something you also need in your skin care to get back the moisture of your skin.


Benefits of Hyaluronic acid for skin:


  • Best Moisturizing abilities:


Hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold the thousand of water molecule within it. It is quite a big molecule which cannot penetrate the deeper skin layer. But it has ability to grab and even hold the moisture from outside and help it to absorb into the skin.


  • Reduce wrinkles:


By its use your skin get highly hydrated and moisturized which make your skin super plump. When your skin is becoming naturally plump then it will reduce your wrinkles and fine line.


  • Reduce dryness:


As it is working to make skin hydrated and moisturized so it help to reduce dryness or dry patches from skin to greater extent. Furthermore, there are many companies add it in their moisturizer products. Some of them to contain small to medium chains of this molecules which help them to absorb into the skin easily.


  • Establishes a protective barrier for the skin:


As being an outer layer it work as an antioxidants and reduce the penetration of UV rays of sunlight into the skin. Furthermore it also protect you skin to get germs or dirt into your pores.


  • Best for all skin type:


It is best for all skin types and you can even use it for sensitive skin. As it is present in the body so body doesn’t show any foreign response to it so it reduces the allergic reactions to maximum extent. Furthermore, it is not involved in making skin dry as it best neutral ingredient for the skin.


  • Doesn’t trigger acne:


Moisturizing is the demand of all skin types and problems. So acne people tend to use certain products that can make their skin dry and sensitive. So hyaluronic acid can be the better option to be used for keeping the hydration and moisture of skin. It is often used for moisturizing purpose and also increase the healing when used after certain cosmetic procedures for acne.


bottom line:

So by looking its all benefits, you should must give this a try to make it a daily part of your skin care routine. You can use it at night in your moisturizer, as serum or even night creams. This will make a huge difference to your skin appearance.

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Anu January 14, 2019 - 1:04 am

Hai mam..Will u plz suggest me any moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid..or any good brand of this HA.thanks in advance..

asima butt February 6, 2019 - 5:14 pm

dear where do you live so i will know if you can access the international brands. like if you live in pakistan like me then i can suggest you more options.


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