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Acne vulgaris is a problem that is faced by more than half of the teenage population and even in some adults. There are multiple reasons for acne to happen to anybody and it’s  already enough struggle that you have to deal with its remaining scars as well that are more difficult to handle. Scars are something you can’t fix with medicines. They can improve it to some little extent but you can’t get complete satisfactory results from it.

There are numerous laser treatment and microdermabrasion type of procedures to help you with scarring permanently but there are crazily expensive and not everyone can afford it. Lasers are some risky procedures that you can’t do it at home. You need a broad certified dermatologist for these procedures but a little you can do to make you scars better is micro needling or also called micro dermabrasion.

Also, you should get doctors guidance according to your skin type or if you have some underlying skin condition. As it might not be appropriate for every skin type like people with eczema and active acne.

This is the very first treatment in its generation as there are more updated generations that use advanced tools which are more effective. Though this is first but still very active treatment to deal with scars at home.Today this article will guide you through a proper use of derma roller as it is a very effective skin care. You will learn to use it in steps so please do not try it before appropriate and proper knowledge.

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What is a dermaroller?


It is drum shape medical device with many sharp and fine needles around the drum. It comes with many needle sizes. But to be very safe at home 0.25mm , and 0.5 mm sizes are the best. As safety comes first.

According to dermatologists, there is no such outstanding brand that you can get your dermaroller from. Usually your dermaroller should have fine and sharp needles. Whatever the price range you going to get a dermaroller, you need to discard it at the end anyway. because after one use, needles are not that sharp and they become blunt which can cause injury or scarring to the skin.



How it works?

It is used to give micro injury to scarred tissue and stimulate the skin to make new elastin and collagen. Also, it improves the blood circulation. Furthermore, it has no heat emission like lasers so it’s not harmful or it doesn’t have side effects if used properly.  It improves the thickness of dermis and make the skin pore size tighter, improves the texture of skin in multiple session 3-4 weeks apart. Moreover,it also improves the hyperpigmentation of skin.



People with any type of skin infection, existing acne, blood clotting history, eczema, raised warts and moles and psoriasis should avoid its use at home.

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1- First wash your face with mild cleanser and disinfect it with 70% isopropyl alcohol or any other disinfectant with some cotton ball or pad.

2- Though 0.25 0r 0.5mm size needles doesn’t require numbing cream but if you want to avoid uncomfortness then you can use it. You can get it in name of 5% lidocaine from any medical store.

3- Now roll your roller in one direction for 4-5 time. Make sure you lift the roller after each pass. If you stretch the skin during rolling it’s even better.

4- After rolling in one horizontal direction on the whole check, now it’s time to change the direction to perpendicular and repeat the process 4-5 times on already needled area. Try to avoid diagonal direction as it might give you uneven pattern. At the end this process  will give you a pinpoint bleeding, redness and a little bit swelling which will go away after 24-48 hours. You can apply makeup after 24-48 hours  if you want to.

5- Now wash your face and apply some hyaluronic and vitamin c based moisturizer with heavy UV protection.

6- Make sure to discard the derma roller afterwards.

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