Mint leaves powder at home for multiple purpose

by Asima Butt
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How To Make “NEEM POWDER” at home


Mint is blessed with so many benefits and importance that is hard to imagine. It is beneficial for our health, skin and treat many health and skin condition. Mint is actually called neem in Hindi and Urdu language and it is used in many beauty and skin care products. This herb has multiple species and used in different important thing. We see mint in our daily lives like it is most the time sued in giving flavors to the things like toothpaste, tea, chewing gum, candies, cakes, peppermint oil, essential oils.lip balms and also used in inhalers to give it flavor.


Today this article will educate you to make its powder at home with natural means. Usually it is available in market but it is bet to make your own powder at home which is without any synthetic chemicals and color chemicals. Also, it is very quick and super easy way. As mint powder is used for multiple things like in tea or skin care masks or creams etc. We will discuss to make so many more mask related to mint so first we should know its benefits and how we can use it in different skin care products and masks.


Benefits of mint:


Treat respiratory diseases:


Mint is blessed with such properties that it treat many underlying respiratory conditions like asthma, congestion of nose, throat, bronchi and lungs. These condition rise because of narrowing of airways so mint has natural properties that helps to reduce the inflammation. And it is involved in opening of airways which could be nose, throat, bronchi or lungs. This is how you get relief from congestion and inflammation. It also control allergy and hay fever.


Treats acne and other skin infection:


Mint as microbial and anti-fungal properties that prevent our skin from getting any infection or treat already existing infections. It control the growth of natural bacteria so they do cross the limit zone. Actually when balance of natural occurring bacteria gets disturbed so it gives rise to different kind of infections. Regular use of mint reduce these chances to minimum.


Solve digestion problems:


As it is also anti-inflammatory in natural so it sooth stomach and reduce its inflammation for any reason. Its aroma is has positive feedback for production of salivary and digestive gland secretion which promotes digestion.


Used in skin care products:


It is used in so many skin care brands and products. Even it is being used for so many years in home remedies for skin care. As mint has natural nutrients that are involved in detoxifying. Mint is one of the best ingredient to cleanse the skin and reduce the inflammation of pimple. It is also used in many exfoliating masks and moisturizers.

Mint is also an awesome thing to reduce dark spots, blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. In this way it improve the appearance of your face complexion.



Here are some easy way to make its powder at home:



  • fresh mint leaves





To make the powder of mint first you need fresh mint leaves. Leave these mint leaves in sun for some hours so they get completely dry to crusty texture. Then crush this leaves and take out the woody sticks. Now put this leaves in a grinding machine and grind it till it gets a fine powder farm as shown in the picture.

In next step you can strain this powder through a strainer or a thin cotton cloth and get very fine form of this powder. Your mint powder is ready and put it in some suitable airtight container.


Where you can use mint powder?


There are multiple things in which you can use mint powder and get its maximum benefits. Here are some tricks to sue this powder:


  • For hair dandruff:


You can reduce and cure the dandruff in your hair and scalp by using this powder. Take one teaspoon of this powder in 2 teaspoon of water or in your oil and apply to your hair for 30 minutes before taking shower.


  • Use it in your toothpaste:


You can apply toothpaste on your toothbrush with little bit of this powder and brush your teeth daily with it. This powder will treat many kind of infections and germ in your mouth. Also, it will reduce the bad breath and reduce the plaque on teeth.

  • Treat acne and pimple with mint:


You can treat you acne by making a face pack with one teaspoon of fuller’s earth and one teaspoon of mint powder. Add enough rose-water to make its smooth paste and apply on your skin.



  • mint tea for weight loss:


Take one glass of water and boil it in a pan. Then add half teaspoon of mint powder and add half teaspoon of honey as well. Mix it and drink this tea daily for weight loss purpose.




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