How to Make Coconut Oil at Home?

by Asima Butt
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How to Make Coconut Oil at Home?


We all are well aware of the coconut and we love to eat it. You must have heard it extremely beneficial benefits for skin, hair and health. But some people misunderstood some of its characteristics as it come with pro and cons as well. If  we are using it for one thing and if we are using it wrong so it might backfires. If you have  oily skin, this might be only medication or dry climate.

Coconut is rich with saturated fats which are not harmful. It is beneficial for skin and overall health. Many research claim that it improve the immunity and it has one very important role for patient of diabetes. Cytokinins, kinetin and trans-zeatin present in coconut have anti thrombotic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-ageing effects on the body.

It treats epilepsy, boost energy and fight cancer. Along with overall health benefits it plays an important part in out daily skin care regime.

Here are some easy steps to follow to make organic coconut oil at home with extremely natural and easy ways:


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  • Coconut

  • Water



First of all, you need half 250-500 gram of coconut. It actually depends on you that how much oil you want to make. You need to take dry coconut and dip it in water for at least one night until the coconut gets very soft that easily breakable with hands. Then cut it into small pieces and put it in a blending machine and add 1-2 glass of water. Blend it until it get  into a very fine and homogeneous mixture.


After that, filter the mixture through a thin cotton cloth and get all its milk out of the pulp. Now you can see a little bit of butter layer on the surface. In the next step, you need to put it on the stove and cook it until all the water get dry and it starts to let dark brown. When it get quite dark brown then turn down the flame and let it cool down for a bit. When it is still warm, then filter this mixture through the thin cotton cloth and you will get the oil in the bowl. After some time it will even get solidify and you can warm it a bit to use it for any purpose. This is pure, natural and organic coconut oil and it is without addition of any chemical or preservative.


If you want to make big quantity then add more coconut for this purpose. You can store it in room temperature for at least 2 can make various home remedies as it is very good for dry and sensitive skin. This oil is also being used for hair and any kind of infections. Furthermore, many people use it for cooking purpose.




Benefits of coconut oil:


  • This has best ingredients that keeps our face, lips and body extremely soft and smooth. It is a best moisturizer for winter especially if you have the dry skin. Even oily skin type sometime face the drastic change in skin during winters. So this is one the best moisturizer to be used in your cream or home remedies.
  • Coconut has so many great characteristics that it make your hair get rid of many problems. It is proved to be very effective for treating dandruff or other infection on scalp. As it has microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover it alone is used for fast hair growth and it make our hair extra shiny and full of life.
  • People also use it on body as source of a sunscreen especially for kids or babies. This will protect your skin from deep penetrating and damaging sun rays coming from the sun. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow its deep penetration which cause least damage to the skin.
  • This oil is even better than Aloe Vera gel in treating sunburns as it has powerful healing nature. It has very soothing and hydrating effects on skin and relief the pain or any uncomfortable feelings. Moreover, this oil will prevent any kind of infection on skin as well.
  • As it has most hydrating ingredients and anti-inflammatory with microbial properties.So this make it best lip balm for lip in all season as it takes away the flaky and dry patches from the lips. Further it serves as a long-lasting gloss and hydrating balm for your lips.

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