how to keep hair less oily/greasy in winters

by Asima Butt
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how to keep hair less oily/greasy in winters

As we all know winters is one of the beautiful season. As it comes with many good things for us so in a same way it also brings us many problem regarding skin and hair. It is actually a better season for oily skin people as in winter there is less sebum production on skin and scalp than in winters.

But no matter what is your skin type some thing are universal and they are experienced by everyone. One of the big problem is when we keep our heads covered by some cap or scarf. Our scalp has the highest number of sebaceous glands on scalp than any other part of the body. This tends to make our scalp skin oily and our hair start to look dirty before the time it suppose to.


Reason for greasy hair in winters:


This doesn’t have some heavy science to understand. It is just because of that wearing hats or keeping our heads warm make the solid wax on scalp melts to liquids. Moreover it speed up the process of sweating which make our hair look greasy and sticky from the roots. This greasy and humid environment on scalp make a favorable conditions for infections or dandruff etc.

Usually roots looks greasier than tips as it is closer to scalp. Many other things like some hair products like conditioners, hair sprays, hair wax and serums make it to look greasier.

We cannot afford to not use these hair products as winters environment make our skin and hair dry and damaged to some extent. We need proper oily and hair care in this season.


Here are some hacks and tricks to avoid fast hair greasing and how you can keep them cleans for longer:


  • One of the very important you can do is that take shower and keep the hygienic conditions for your skin and hair. As in winter we might feel the less need of taking bath because of less sweating. But our skin on face and scalp is continuously producing sebum and dirt is accumulating. So we should not avoid this face to take bath regularly even in winters.


  • Try to use less heat base styling tools like hair straightener, blow dryers and curling iron. These tools speed up the process of hair greasing because of instant heat to hair roots.


  • Furthermore, minimize the use of hair wax, hair gel or spray. They may also cause a formation of layer and deprive the hair from oxygen. These substance can also cause the hair to greasy before it suppose to.


  • There is one very smart hack you can do is adding 1-2 teaspoon of salt in your shampoo bottle according to its quantity. Salt can effectively reduce the sebum production from scalp and also slow down the greasing process on scalp.


  • Use dry shampoos if you have emergency situation. It is usually present in spray or powder form which actually absorb the sebum and make your hair look less oily. This trick can get you through an emergency situation.


  • Never skip using conditioner and oiling in any season especially in winters. Shampoos actually strip away the natural oils from the scalp making it dry and itchy. Conditioner and proper oiling is best key to restore the moisture into hair follicles and hair cells.


  • Also get keratin based protein treatments or therapy from salon at least once a month. Because you hair need it as winters make your hair dry and damaged.


  • Use essential oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or any oil that works best for your hair at least once a week. don’t forget to wash it off properly as well so it doesn’t clog your scalp pores.

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