How to get rid of unpleasant smell from private parts?

by Asima Butt
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How to get rid of unpleasant smell from private parts?


Every woman has a natural odour in her vagina and underarms and it keeps on changing throughout the month. Vaginal odour gets bad when you experience over sweating, or undergarments fabric through which air is not passing frequently, poor hygiene, over growth of bacteria or sexual transmitted infections etc. If women are sexually active then mixing of semen with vaginal secretion can also cause certain smell.

We need to keep some things in mind in which we can discriminate a healthy condition from non healthy. So we know that when is time to visit the doctor.

A normal and healthy vagina has acidic pH from 3.8-4.5, certain odour and it  secrets a discharge everyday to keep the vagina lubricated. This discharge is actually shedding of cervical and vaginal cells. Normal vagina also has a certain amount of healthy bacteria and they keep the balanced growth of normal fungus. Balance between these is very important otherwise it gives rise to bacterial or fungal infection.

If any of this natural balance get disturbed, for example if there is increase or decrease in vaginal discharge, change in its color or change in its odor. Then is sign of some abnormal sign. Moreover,change in pH of vagina also becomes favorable for germs to invade the healthy vagina and give rise to infections. So any worsening condition can give rise to foul vaginal smell which needs our attention.


Today this article has brought you a home remedy in form of a spray to bring down this smell and your vagina can remain with nice scent without disturbing its balanced environment.

Here are some easy steps for this home remedy to follow:


  • any good company mouthwash

  • Water/rose-water

  • Glycerin


To make this smell reducing spray you can take any good mouthwash like Listerine and add its 4 teaspoon in a bowl. Then add half tablespoon of glycerin and 4 teaspoon of rose-water or simple water. Pour this mixture in a suitable bottle for future convenient use.


You can use the vaginal wash every time you take shower. While you can can use vaginal wash everyday or every night before going to sleep. Use this spray for underarms and under-legs. Try not to spray it directly on smooth surface of vagina. Furthermore, this will help to keep your vagina healthy and it will solve many problems related to its infections as well. Make it a regular part of your body care routine and keep the unwanted body odour at bay.


Apart from this trick here are some other trick you can follow to keep your vagina healthy and get rid of any fungal or bacterial infections by using this simple home remedies.


  • Try to eat citrus fruit vegetables, as citrus things has antioxidant like vitamin C which eliminate body toxins and strengthen the body immune system. Moreover it inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on body. This is how it try to keep the vagina away from harmful toxins and bacteria.


  • yogurt is one of the most beneficial thing that you could use to keep vaginal health. You can either take it in your daily meal or you can apply it on directly. This is the best way to reduce vaginal odour and keep its pH acidic to healthy levels.


  • tea tree oil is an anti-fungal in nature and it will help you to get rid of any fungal infections or odour. Buy any good brand of tea tree oil available in market.


  • try to use cotton undergarments as cotton keeps the area dry as air can pass through it easily. Other silk stuff like nylon and polyester takes time to get dry and cause the particular odour.


  • Change sanitary pads twice or thrice a day during menstruation according to amount of bleeding. Make sure you do not keep the sanitary pad for long time.


  • Try to keep the good hygiene and keep your self clean at most. Further don’t forget to keep your vagina dry as much as possible. It could be after taking shower or using washroom. That will reduce the chances of any kind of infections and unpleasant body odour.



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