Guava Hair Serum for long and shiny hair At Home

by Asima Butt
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Guava Hair Serum for long and shiny hair At Home


Today this article will throw light on most wonderful ingredients that could be used together to make a hair mask for very shiny, smooth and long hair. The ingredients used in this remedy will help you with other conditions like general dryness, dandruff, fungal infection or any kind of hair fall.

We will use guava leaves as a base combined with other beneficial ingredients like vitamin E. these are somethings that are very cheap or free of cost we can say. Because you can get it from any where. We might have this plant in our house but we never cared enough as we never knew its benefits. It  can fight with our many scalp issues and it can also give it maximum hydration.

Vitamin E which is used in the serum will help to provide maximum hydration as this is water binding and will lock the moisture into your scalp and hair cells.




  • Guava leaves

  • Water

  • Vitamin E capsule/oil



filtering the guava leaves juice

At very start you need some fresh guava leaves that you can get from any garden or anyone’s house.

Take 8-10 guava leaves and one glass of water. Put and blend them in a blending machine. Now you have got its juice that you need to filter.

Separate the leaves from its juice and put this juice in a pan. Boil this juice on stove for 7-10 minutes and turn off the flame then. Let it cool down a bit and at the end add one capsule of vitamin E.

Mix the mixture well and pour the this juice in a spray bottle. It is ready to use.




You need to use this serum like an oil. Use it before taking bath. Spray the serum on your head so all the scalp and hair is wet with it. Leave it for 1-2 hours and then take the shower and apply some good conditioner afterwards.

You can keep it in room temperature or store it refrigerator.

Keep using it for a month to see the obvious results.



Guava leaves are rich source of vitamin C for hair that is a strong antioxidant. It prevents the hair damage from UV rays of sun by reducing the oxidation process. These leaves have power to boost the collagen level and help the hair to grow fast than normal.

Guava leaves also have strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that keeps the scalp healthy by preventing it from certain type of scalp infection. Even it will relieve the existing symptoms of any type of infections.

These leaves have healing power for any type of fugal infection as well.




Vitamin E is a very strong antioxidant that reduce the damaging effects of free radicals from cell form by oxidation process. It changes the cell chemistry and its DNA and impart error in it. Furthermore, we should take this ingredient oral and topical as well. With this we can improve the vitamin E level in our body which in return make them healthy and promotes its growth.


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