How to Avoid dryness on face and body in winters

by Asima Butt
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How to avoid dryness on face and body in winters

As we all know winter is one of the beautiful season and it does come with its pro and cons. One of its cons you might experience in winter season is dryness on your face and body. You can specially feel it after you take bath with warm or hot water. It feels uncomfortably tight on the skin of face, scalp and body which even give rise to itchiness.Dryness on any part of the body don’t give healthy and pretty picture.

Everyone want healthy and glow look in winters on their skin. People with oily skin type quite enjoy winter because this natural glow gives a very pretty and younger look. Makeup look even better when natural oil on face come through. Face and scalp has most of the sebaceous glands not other body parts though.

Despite the fact you have oily skin you might feel dryness on your body. This dryness case is worst with people who already have the dry skin.Today this article will guide you what are the reason and how will educate you with some hacks. So you can avoid these problem and have a carefree winter.


Reason for dryness on skin:


You might get dryness for multiple reason because we get such lifestyle as well that is affecting our skin. Somethings we are doing we cannot even control it. Like taking hot showers is one of them but some people go beyond normal. They take log and quite hot bath which is one of the main reason to get dry skin and scalp.


Another main reason is in cold weather humidity drops to quite certain level. Your skin starts to loosing moisture to dry and less humid environment. So you start to experience dryness all over your body and face.


People use internal heating systems in houses or gas and coal heater can withdraw the moisture as well and make your skin look dry and brittle.


One of the main reason for getting dry skin in winter is you sebaceous glands that are present in hair follicles. In winter these are less functional to some extent and we experience less greasiness and sweating in winter seasons than the others.

Moreover the other very main reason is carelessness to the skin care routine. In winters our skin need more nutrients from outside as it is lacking in this season. When we do not exfoliate our skin, cleanse or moisturize it then these problems become worse. You can even experience acne in worst cases because of clogged pores.



What we can do to avoid these problem?


  • First thing we can do is adopting good skin care routine. Which involve exfoliation which come first as our skin needs it the most in winters season. Get some good exfoliation product or simply you can prepare it at home with gram flour, sugar or honey etc. Make sure you don’t go harsh with scrubbing and be gentle with your skin.


  • Moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing. This is the best key to avoid dryness on your skin once for all. You need to change your moisturizing product as well than using the same you  used in summers. In winters our skin needs more hydrating ingredients. You can also prepare your moisturizer at home like given in link. also apply a good body lotion on your whole body after taking baths so you do not get uncomfortable dryness.


  • Other thing you can adopt is putting an artificial humidifier in room or work place where you spend most of the time. This actually add moisture to the environment and your skin doesn’t have to lose much hydration to the environment.


  • Do not get very close to heaters to avoid direct loss of moisture which can cause brittleness and visible skin dryness.


  • Do not only use moisturizer for daily morning routine but try to get serums and night cream. Get these products which are extremely hydrating with hyaluronic base ingredients that can add maximum moisture to skin overnight. You feel extra smooth and glowing skin next morning.


  • Do not forget under eye cream as well as dry skin cause fine line and wrinkles on this particular area. Use a good hydrating night cream every night before going to bed.


  • Take less caffeine and alcohol that it might cause dehydration in your body which lead to dryness as well. Try to take healthy and fatty diet to a limited level as it will keep your body warm and hydrated.

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