how salicylic acid is useful for acne skin?

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how salicylic acid is useful for acne skin?


If you have acne then you must have heard this word before as it is being used in many acne products. Furthermore, if you have acne then you most likely to grab the products that are specially made for it. This article will tell salicylic acid that you already use or want to know how it work for skin then keep on reading. Moreover we will discuss does it really work for skin or is there any secret harms for skin or not?


What is salicylic acid?


Salicylic acid is a compound usually obtained from the bark or the plants and it is further modified by antioxidants and further amplified to make an acid. This is primary ingredient to make aspirin which is a pharmaceutical drug.


Use of salicylic acid?


Salicylic acid is widely used for skin conditions like acne, wart, corns and callus. Off course it concentration and PH is different in each treatment according to the requirements of skin condition. As wart, corns and callus require higher concentration than in treatment for acne.

It have dissolving ability of thick and sticky substance. This is why it is used to peel off and breakdown the warts or corns. Being acidic it is recommended to not to be used on cuts, open skin or soft tissue. This product doesn’t have to do anything with warts causing virus. It is only involved in breaking and removing that wart from the skin.

How it works?

When it is used in acne treatment, it help to breakdown the sebum and unclog the pore. Which is quite the major cause of acne and blackheads. Furthermore, it increase the cell turnover and speed up the formation of elastin and collagen. This is how it will also help the skin to improve texture. This acid can cause very light peeling and help in brightness of skin. As compare to the other peeling acids like glycolic acids or other alpha hydroxy acids, this acid is kept in low concentration. Right PH and concentration of salicylic acid is most important for its effective results.


It is best to use face wash, cleanser or scrub that has salicylic acid in daily routine. As its continuous use will relieve your clogged pores and acne. Daily use can reduce the blemishes and scars from you skin in a slow but effective process.

Furthermore just like aspirin, it will help to reduce the inflammation, redness or swelling from face because of acne. Salicylic acid can reduce the pain and speed up the healing process of a pimple as well. One thing to remember, this drug is not involved in killing acne causing bacteria but it can unclog the pores where they cause inflammation.


Side effects of salicylic acid:


Usually salicylic acid doesn’t have any harmful side effects except that it can make skin a little sensitive and dry. So you better keep moisturizing your face while its use and use a heavy sunscreen in sunlight.

Furthermore, do no use abrasive treatments during this and let your dermatologist know your history. Also, avoid using harsh scrub or cleanser as they can irritate the skin. Stick to the mild and natural products to use on your skin.

Besides that if you ever notice some symptoms related to allergic reactions. Allergic reactions including redness, itching, excess peeling or swelling then discontinue its use and tell your dermatologist.


bottom line:

If we summarise this article then we can surely say that it is one the best ingredients to be used for good skin care routine. Whether you have acne or not it will help to unclog your pore and reduce the sebum that can be involved in clogging. It provides right kind of moisture to the skin and even reduce the inflammation of pimples. This drug will help your skin to improve its texture and blemishes as well. So try to add it in your daily skin care routine especially if you have acne.




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