Honey Beauty Soap for glass skin at home

by Asima Butt
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Honey Beauty Soap for glass skin at home

Today this article will teach you to make honey beauty soap at home by using other very important and beneficial ingredients in it.we are all quite well aware of honey’s beneficial properties on  skin and when it is combined with other great ingredients like aloe Vera and essential oil , it beneficial properties are increased to maximum level. This face soap will overall improve the health of your skin. You will learn in this article how these all ingredients will work together to make a huge difference.it is super easy and simple to make this soap at home so here are step to make it at home:


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  • Honey

  • Soap base/transparent soap

    Grated soap in double boiler method.

  • Rose-water

  • Molders

  • Vaseline




First of all to make this soap, you need one transparent soap or soap base. If you still don’t know what to pick then you can simply purchase a Pear soap from market which is transparent as well. But try to pick a transparent soap and grate it in a bowl. Then put it on double boiler for melting purpose.In double boiler method you simply take a broad dish filled with water and put your bowl in it and heat it up through indirect method so you mixture won’t burnt out.Keep heating the mixture until whole soap is melted and it makes a homogeneous and smooth mixture. It will take 5-10 minutes.


If your soap is taking time in melting due to being very dry then you can also add one tablespoon of rise water to facilitate this process. After that add 3 tablespoon of honey and mix it well. Now take a desired shape molder and put some Vaseline on its wall so it will be easy to take out the soap afterwards. Furthermore, put the melted soap in molder and let it set down on room temperature or in refrigerator.

Your soap is ready to be use as shown in the picture.




You can use this face wash every day whenever you want to wash your face. Furthermore, you can even take bath with this and use some bathing sponge to rub you skin with it. Keep using it in your daily routine and you will start to notice the difference on skin for sure in less than a month.


Benefits of this soap:


Honey is the most soothing ingredient as it has powerful blessing to treat wounds and heal sunburn. It is anti-inflammatory and microbial that make it even stronger to treat acne or other skin infections. Honey with all other oils will provide the skin with maximum hydration. You will never get dry or flaky skin after its use. You can use it on your whole body to get it effects on skin of your body even the acne on your back or chest.

This face wash with its all ingredients will provide you antioxidant properties as well. As it reduces the oxidation process in skin cells that are caused by damaging rays of sun. This process is reduced to maximum level and this is how it will prevent your skin from premature aging. It will increase the cell turnover and you will get fresh, new and younger looking skin with full of glow.


Benefits of honey for skin:


Honey is extremely beneficial for skin and health.

  • Like walnut it is also very good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. That prevents our skin and body cells from sun damage and reduce any kind of swelling and infection in our body.
  • It is proved to be very hydrating and control acne for skin. So it is used in various mask and different product to prevent the acne or treat it.
  • Honey has great function for hair and lips as well. It also make it super hydrated and we can get rid of dandruff and flaky skin by using it.
  • It gently exfoliate the dead skin cells and make our skin smooth and fresh. Cleanse our face from dirt and sebum and honey has also amazing healing power for wound and fades blemishes and acne scars.

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