Home Remedies For Gum Infection and swelling

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Home Remedies For Gum Infection


Teeth or gum problems are very common and it is usually caused by your poor dental hygiene. People do brush their teeth but they usually skip it at night which is also as important as brush in the morning. When you eat food specially sweets or chocolates on which the teeth bacteria lives on get more in number and play havoc in your mouth.Bad breath also comes along with it.

What are gums?

Gums are basically hard and pink tissue that made up of thick and fibrous tissue with a lot of blood vessel supply and it covers your jaw bone.

When these tissues become inflamed or swollen with or without pain for any reason that lead to gum disease which is called gingivitis or peridontitis.



Gingivitis and Peridontitis:


Bacteria that can cause infection that lead to inflammation, swelling , redness and pain on gums. Usually when your gum disease is in its initial stage and can be recovered with proper hygiene this condition is called “gingivitis”.

But if a person doesn’t pay attention to recover this problem by proper hygiene . it might get worse. That lead to a serious dental condition called “peridontitis” that may even cause loss of tooth.



Vitamin B and vitamin C are very important vitamins for dental health. Because they maintain and repair the teeth and gum. Their deficiency lead to anemia and gum diseases.



In pregnancy the blood circulation is increased because of increase in certain hormones. This is how your teeth become easily irritable and that can cause inflammation.

During this time body give slow or less response to bacteria so that can lead to infection of teeth or gum as well.


Any type of uncontrolled growth of fungus or bacteria can lead to infections of gum and teeth which could be “thrush” which is caused by overgrowth of natural fungus on mouth.

Or if you have herpes that can cause acute herpetic gingivitis that can cause swollen gum.


Wrong way to brush your teeth:

If you brush your teeth hard and up and down only that can irritate the gums that can even bleed and get swollen.

Try to brush gently and in a circular motion that will prevent the inflammation or pain.


Usually go gentle on your teeth while brushing. Using warm or cold compress also helps with swelling. Furthermore try to consume more water in your daily routine. Avoid using any mouthwash or toothpaste containing harsh chemical , tobacco or alcohol.

If you have to then use some natural ingredients based mouth wash or using salt water can help you with swelling.

Home remedy:

You can also use some home remedy to get rid of any inflammation or swelling on your gums. Usually “raisin” which are dried grapes are also used for this purpose. Try to take its one tablespoon after every meal or whenever you feel swelling or pain in your gums. This will help a lot with pain, inflammation, bleeding and swelling of gum.


It has been misconception about raisins that it is responsible for tooth cavities. But recent studies has shown that raising actually have certain chemicals that stop the growth of bacteria that are responsible for tooth infection and swelling of gums.

Raisins has phytochemicals rich raisins make plaque less sticky and it can be easily removed. They also cause increase production of saliva that naturally kills bacteria and germs from mouth.

Raisins has right type of sugar that doesn’t let bacteria stick to the surface of teeth.





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