lighten Dark Bikini Line 100% Effective

by Asima Butt
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lighten Dark Bikini Line 100% Effective



this article will tell you about a great solution to a problem that most of the girls and women are experiencing since quite long. It is dark or hyper pigmentation In in underarm, under legs, elbows, knees, and knuckles. This is quite embarrassing when you can’t wear the summer dress freely to hide these parts.

Causes of this issue:

Darkening of this part is a genetic factor, it could be also caused by shaving. Because shaving does not take the hair from the roots to the surface of the skin is always close to the skin and give it an effect of the dark area.

Many deodorants that we use to have such chemical that causes this darkening effect and sweat allergies.

Today this article will tell you how you can make a special mask and cleanser for this problem so you can use it on daily basis.You don’t need to get the expensive product for it or you don’t need to go for crazily expensive laser sessions. As laser session are a bit risky to use on this particular areas. This remedy is all about pure and natural ingredients. So there is no point for side effects as well.

You will learn to make three type of remedy yo can do at home to get rid of this hyper-pigmentation on your underarms, bikini area, knees and elbows etc.




  • Lemon

  • Brown/coffee/regular sugar

  • Baby oil


You can make this mask or cleanser by mixing right measured ingredients. For this first of all you need to take 2-3 lemon and cut it in small pieces including its peels in a grinding machine. Then add one teaspoon of baby oil and one teaspoon of brown sugar. If you don not have brown sugar then you can also add coffee or regular sugar in it ground form. You first mask is ready as shown in the picture.


2nd MASK:


  • Aloe Vera gel

  • Dry milk

  • Rose-water


You can prepare second mask by taking 3 teaspoon of dry milk in a bowl. Then add half teaspoon of glycerin and half teaspoon rose-water. You can also add enough rose-water according to need so it can make a smooth paste. Your second mask is ready as shown in the picture.


3rd MASK:


  • Lemon juice

  • Baby oil


It is actually a kind of whitening toner that you are going to make. You can make this by simply squeezing fresh lemon juice in a bowl and then add one teaspoon of baby oil.

Your three mixtures are ready. Now you will learn how you can use it. It is kind of facial actually that you need to do on affected part.

How to use these mask?

This is a kind of facial process. First of all you need to gently exfoliate the affected skin. Apply the first mask on your skin and massage it for 10-15 minutes. After that you need to take steam for 10 minutes. You can do so by boiling a bowl of water and put your arm or leg above it and cover the area with a towel.

After that rinse it off with warm water.

Then apply second mask for 20 minutes on it and swipe it off as well. At the end take a cotton pad and dip in third mask which is the toner and apply it on your for overnight.

You can repeat this process after 2 weeks while you need to use toner every night before going to bed.



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